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  1. Family

    If you remember the name please post it.
  2. Family

    That's a pretty terrible argument.
  3. Family

    Conflict is at the heart of games. Would "parents" you don't like be such a bad thing?
  4. This is a very complicated idea. Basically, once you create a character and join a kingdom, you are randomly assigned to a married couple. Two players can be married. If two players are married, there is a chance they can have a baby, which would be any new player who gets randomly assigned to the couple. The game would start you off as a small child, but within a few hours of in-game playing you'd be an adult. This could allow "'houses" like in Game of Thrones and the real medieval-period. It could create political and royal intrigue. It would also be possible to strategically (or in a friendly way) adopt people into the family. If not with players, perhaps NPC spouses could even be arranged (?), since I know there are not many female avatars (let alone actual players). This could also come with a lifespan system, so that you can't meet your great-great-great in-game grandfather. After several months of in-game playing, you die of old age. But you don't lose all your skills. You can choose to be reborn as a child in your own house (or join/found another if you want, in which case you'll be randomly assigned to any house EXCEPT the one you just came from). You would keep all the stats. Items could be conserved by writing a will and testament, a new item that will allow you to pass on items to different people when your toon dies, with an option to keep some or all items for your next reincarnation. You could of course do something like: "GIVE item "SWORD" to wife GIVE item "POTTED PLANT" to nephew GIVE item "COMPASS" to son GIVE all_other_items to reincarnation" What do you think? This would be a long time down the road obviously, more important stuff is needed... But would you like this?
  5. What features would 3D caves offer that 2D ones don't?
  6. A bit of in-game elbow grease can get you premium, or even about an hour of a week-end job.
  7. Won't that facilitate the use of hacks? If not, I don't see why it couldn't work out.
  8. I know it's very low on the priorities list for what Wurm desperately needs right now, but what do you think of new anthems? They could be implemented into the game (they're inexplicably not right now) to occur at specific moments with the vocals, and an instrumental version could play "in the wild". The game could also benefit from an optional box to turn on a combat theme when fighting an enemy. Something like Oblivion or Skyrim's battle themes could go really well with Wurm's Medieval-Fantasy feel: In terms of more and more music to be added in the game: One of the Wurm tracks which is already in-game sounds very Roman, so you could even have some more "Roman"-style music (it's generally represented like this, though in reality we have no record of how it sounded): You could even have religious chants when performing religious activities or just generally present, with different Gods having different styles of music and prayer. The most evil, Libila, could have a dark satanic feel. From what I know of the three others, Magranon should be more Old Testament Christian style, or even something like the Roman and Greek Gods of War as he is a God of War and Justice. Fo is the god of Nature, so he should have peaceful music. A pagan style would be appropriate, a lot of paganism (including Celtic) worshipped Nature. Vynora is a knowledgeable and creationist Goddess, so something more like the New Testament God.
  9. "I morally object to your statue of Ra! It's against my principles to build him!" Which raises an interesting point: historically, some Christian missionaries in Scandinava and Germany smashed statues of the Gods to convert the Germans and Norse. One Teutonic Knight Olaf broke a statue fo Thor, making all the villagers stop believing in him. Like desecrating altars, what if you could smash statuettes and topple colossi?