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  1. all good - while a bit negative - I wanted to give you honest opinion based on experience.
  2. Having done at least 4+ of these over the last 2 years - I can give you some insight: - you will never make the same amount or more then a forum auction. - there can/will be items that no one will bid on (that always makes me feel horrible) - they take a long time - 10 items can take over an hour easy. - be upfront about paying up - some folks will try to bid for others not at your auction then after winning will tell you to wait for the one not at your auction to come pay for the items (which may or may not actually happen. - if it isn't blue, enchanted up the wahzoo and something one doesn't see everyday - folks won't bid on it. (had a rare forge no one wanted to bid on - too common) - you need 2 people to do these - one to be the auctioneer, the other to take payments and give out the winning lots. ignore all this if your going to be auctioning off stuff only Gm's have access to - if your doing it as plain old players - take note of my experience. These are best if you're using them to get people to come to an event other than the auction - consider it a lost leader. buyers/bidders do have fun - but for the sellers - these are not as successful as a forum auction. I was doing ours every few months and the attendance went down at each one. Best to use sparingly. YMMV - Dink
  3. +1 to in-game voting on this - make the wording crystal clear. "Do you want enchant decay on all weapons yes or no" - leave it for 2 weeks - majority vote wins.
  4. more lots for the Auction...
  5. Another 2 items added to the Auction - oo this is going to be fun!
  6. Another item added to the Auction.
  7. Hey I resemble that remark highly! (bump)
  8. Auction Lots White drake set (no cap) 80ql Rare longsword, iron (N86 LT87 C88) 92ql Rare two handed sword, iron (N86 LT85 C74) 92ql Rare small maul (Clean) 94ql Rare hatchet (WoA81 CoC77) 92+ql Rare large maul, (98nim 75fc 76coc) 73ql Rare small wooden (Birch) Shield 76ql Rare small anvil 95ql Rare spear 90ql Trap set: 2x Rare net trap, Rare corrosive trap and Supreme corrosive trap Rules for auction: Payment is due at the end of each lot's auction, no exceptions. You are responsible for any bids you make. (if you are bidding for others not at the auction and you win - you are expected to pay in full for the lot)
  9. I've the same thing happen to me. I made it for the mission and now it's sitting in a horrible spot and looks awful. I'd really would like this looked into please.
  10. I asked this a bit ago.. http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/117589-at-a-certain-ah-level-cursing-over-sheep-tells-if-they-can-be-shorn/?hl=sheep + 1 to how ever it get implemented.
  11. There was a debate a week or so ago on one of the chats regarding ". It has a certain spark in its eyes" the theory was it was longer life. I'm thinking that would defiantly be a good trait. I can't prove it - but it's something those of you with exp in breeding might test for. +1 for the idea.
  12. My ally and friend got the page up and running for this entry in the wikki but he doesn't have permission to add pictures. Here is one I took you can use. enjoy.
  13. I like the signs - saved my butt a few times. Great for when you explore new places. A person(s) decided to do something helpful here. Can I suggest, instead of bashing or yeah and naying the idea, how about making suggestions to improve it? The intent was to help. This is a helpful community, lets work together instead of tearing each other apart.