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  1. That example would be a violation of wiki rules.


    We haven't reconsidered that rule because we want to allow players to have control of their own pages, to put what they want on it, without worry about other players interfering there (other than violation of wiki rules). No one would like it if other players were going in and changing information on their page. Part of the wiki is seeing player pages with misspellings, incorrect English,  claims of grandeur that may or may not be true, and allowing them their personal space anyway. 

  2. Just a reminder that we don't allow players to edit other player's user or player pages without that player's permission (even if we don't like what's on there, unless it goes against Wurm rules). We know it sounds controversial, but remember we don't allow anyone to edit your personal page either!


    This is a strange situation, so I'm leaving it, but these will be reverted in future. Thanks!

  3. Part of the thrill of Wurm is having to leave for a bit and then coming back and someone you don't know messages you that your boat/cart/whatever is just outside their deed. Then trying to find where your old deed was and seeing what's left on your old cart. I hope we never enable lockpicking on PVE servers. 


    I know it seems hard as a newbie, but give it a little time and you'll have your own cart, wagon, and a collection of random boats on your lawn. 

  4. Oof, old old page indeed. I added this to our to do list to be totally rewritten. Feel free to drop that research info in here, Tpikol, or just add to the chart, but we'll be reorganizing all that at some point. Thanks!

  5. So, we aren't looking into adding pages for cooking recipes at all (if that ever happens we will let everyone know - there's hundreds of recipes and as far as I know, no one has found them all yet). However, adding booze found in a treasure hunt, with special properties, is fine by me. I don't know that they each need their own page. How many are we talking about here? 


    (Also there is a category for treasure hunt rewards right now)

  6. On 7/7/2022 at 12:12 PM, Sidereal said:

    There are a few wurmians that do pay close attention to the skies and have done some actual in-game astronomy to figure these things out.  :)

    In fact, I'm (still) in the process of updating the astronomy section of wurmpedia to update all that information since the great moon change of 2017 (if I'm remembering correctly).  They used to rise in the north and set in the south!


    Late to the party but yay! I love the astronomy pages and they do need updating by some patient person. 

  7. I actually PVP'd in another MMO recently and it was sort of fun? Battleground/timed style, ability to resurrect right there, no skills lost, no corpse to find, no goods swiped. Nobody yelled at me for being terrible (I was) and got to do minor healing/support (also kind of fun). I'm not sure I'd do it again, but it was interesting and I wonder if Wurm would ever consider a server with more of that style, like Homestead mentioned. 


    My only other experience was pretty unpleasant (in an otherwise awesome game), with people camping the cloner, yelling at you, and doing obscene stuff when you lost. From that experience and a lot I've heard from others, some PVP has sore losers and sore winners. Not fun at all. 

  8. Hello! After some research, we now know that all the numbers on that table (and probably anywhere) are subject to rounding, due to code being weird and mathy. Thanks for pointing this out. I'm making some notes on that page to let other players know. 

  9. More purple items, accidentally get some skills, still stumble upon that feeling of running from a million mobs through a forest, maybe get one of each rare statue if I'm feeling very ambitious. Wurm doesn't have an endgame for me.