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  1. Done by our intrepid WAs! Thanks for the info (and patience!).
  2. Thank you! I added some of these to the page. I think we need more research for the rare rolls (and I removed the CR conjecture from the page as well. Needs more research!)
  3. Thank you, that page has been added and is in progress.
  4. Thank you! We made a glass jug page (work in progress!) and added the information to the treasure hunt page.
  5. Add to pottery flask page. Glass jug page will be added soon (and that info will be there as well). Thanks!
  6. Please COD the bear to NeeNee. Thanks!
  7. Good catch. Fixed, thank you!
  8. Sorry for the lateness but it's been fixed. Thanks!
  9. Sorry for the late reply. You can absolutely ask here or in the Discord, by PM, etc. It's been fixed. Thanks!
  10. I'm asking for further clarification from devs on this! Thank you!
  11. I don't disagree, though the recipes that everyone gets are already in the cookbook in game. (Of course the crafting recipes are as well!) I'm not sure how to cleanly and effectively add hundreds of recipe pages (IF we did, no binding promises being made here) in a way that helps anyone (there are some nice Google Docs out there, but some that are pretty messy) with a small team, but it is something that has come up and is on my list to discuss/ponder.
  12. Oof, what a mess of a page. Adding this info. These were previously from the Challenge server, right? Does anyone know what skill these use to be improved? Thanks! (And thanks for the pic as well!)
  13. I'm not sure we have specifics on what it holds now, but I removed the wrong info. Thanks! (we'll look for details on its storage capabilities)
  14. This is something we could do. We have at least a few pages themselves that have the 100 title achievers on them, but not the Titles page itself. I've added a column for those player names, but yes, help gathering all those names would be greatly appreciated! I'll add some extra notes that not all players/namers want to be named.
  15. I didn't really know him, but he was in the neighborhood and we'd exchange waves in local. He and Lagville were a part of the everyday of Release server and he'll be missed.
  16. I'll take a lesbian flag set. Great job on the dye making!
  17. That is something we may consider, yes. We're looking at a few ways to improve player/user pages and that side of the wiki.
  18. That example would be a violation of wiki rules. We haven't reconsidered that rule because we want to allow players to have control of their own pages, to put what they want on it, without worry about other players interfering there (other than violation of wiki rules). No one would like it if other players were going in and changing information on their page. Part of the wiki is seeing player pages with misspellings, incorrect English, claims of grandeur that may or may not be true, and allowing them their personal space anyway.
  19. Just a reminder that we don't allow players to edit other player's user or player pages without that player's permission (even if we don't like what's on there, unless it goes against Wurm rules). We know it sounds controversial, but remember we don't allow anyone to edit your personal page either! This is a strange situation, so I'm leaving it, but these will be reverted in future. Thanks!