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  1. I actually PVP'd in another MMO recently and it was sort of fun? Battleground/timed style, ability to resurrect right there, no skills lost, no corpse to find, no goods swiped. Nobody yelled at me for being terrible (I was) and got to do minor healing/support (also kind of fun). I'm not sure I'd do it again, but it was interesting and I wonder if Wurm would ever consider a server with more of that style, like Homestead mentioned. My only other experience was pretty unpleasant (in an otherwise awesome game), with people camping the cloner, yelling at you, and doing obscene stuff when you lost. From that experience and a lot I've heard from others, some PVP has sore losers and sore winners. Not fun at all.
  2. Hello! After some research, we now know that all the numbers on that table (and probably anywhere) are subject to rounding, due to code being weird and mathy. Thanks for pointing this out. I'm making some notes on that page to let other players know.
  3. Added, I hope that makes sense!
  4. More purple items, accidentally get some skills, still stumble upon that feeling of running from a million mobs through a forest, maybe get one of each rare statue if I'm feeling very ambitious. Wurm doesn't have an endgame for me.
  5. Thanks! Those sidebars are slightly premade, but I added the extra information.
  6. Well, that's terrifying! I added that information. Thanks!
  7. it would be fun to have the old Wurm models as statues, too.
  8. Added that info! We'll have to see if someone can test the others, though it is likely the same (or close).
  9. There's the Star Wars Galaxies emulator servers of varying sorts. It's not like Wurm in most ways, but it does have a lot of crafting options and (often) a nice community. The buildings are all premade though and there's no terraforming. Nothing really compares to Wurm though.
  10. Did it have a special skin? We could add it to the gift page, though maybe as a new category, since it was a findable item and not a gift to everyone. If anyone had the dates they were dropped and a list of items inside, it would be appreciated.
  11. it's fun to blame one person, but this was a decision by the team. Since this helm is just an open helm with a skin and the link in game goes to the open helm page, it was asked that we remove this and put it on the open helm page as a skin. Thanks for your continued contributions to the wiki!
  12. It's like 404 page for settlements. Possibly this is not useful now, since almost no one makes settlement pages, but now you know.
  13. Player A, though I think in my 8(?) years of playing, I've had maybe a session of two of grinding for some purpose and long jags of being obsessed with one thing, like building or archaeology. There's nowhere to get in Wurm, there's no endgame, it really doesn't matter. You can make your own goals and do that, make no goals ever and wander around, some of both, neither. Basically, if I need validation and goals, I play something else for a while. It's probably a matter of personality.
  14. Agreed. I've seen quite a few nasty comments and accusations on coins. Obviously, the guilty parties will just move onto an alt, but make it harder for them.
  15. We've had reports that the wiki information is wrong re: converting but it seem like like it might be a bug as well? We've had reports that you can convert to Fo from -1 and to Lib from +1. Is this intended (so we can fix it in the wiki!) or is there need for fixing this?
  16. We were just talking about it the other day: who has the details of when someone emptied their prayer pennies container and lagged the whole server out? Probably back 2014 or so. That was definitely an event!
  17. I'm not sure of this is what you mean, but pages are added to categories by adding the [[Category:Whatever]] text to the bottom of that page, not by editing the category page itself.