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  1. Sold

    I'm looking to sell off 40s via paypal at the rate of 1s-1euro, or the USD equivalent. You can contact me ingame, over the forums, or over discord under the same name. Thanks.
  2. Closed

    Enough has been sold, can close the thread.
  3. wta

    2 coppers
  4. .

    Looks like a duplicate, that works fine
  5. WTA Rare Small sailing boat

  6. [Bug] Nahjo priest cannot bash correctly

    bump; still relevant to all non-template gods Can not bash most anything at this time.
  7. Forest Giant Slaying

    I have a forest giant that is alive. I'd prefer it dead. Come tomorrow 19 hours from now if you want to participate and get some woodcutting bloods. Skull will be rolled off among fighters
  8. Forest Giant Slaying

    thanks for coming
  9. Forest Giant Slaying

    For those interested in going by land rather than teleporting
  10. Forest Giant Slaying

    Once again I recommend travel by teleportation due to the location. I'll be offering teleports to the kill location, as well as east of esteron at the coast once the slaying is over - as shown in the screenshot below. For those who wish to travel down rather than teleport, I'll be posting the location several hours before the slaying.
  11. Slaying of Goblin Leader(aka jim)

    Hi. I have a goblin leader. Said goblin leader, dubbed jim, will be executed 19 hours from now. All are welcome to join in on killing jim to get mining bloods, and the skull and hat will also be rolled off to fighters. Thanks.
  12. Slaying of Goblin Leader(aka jim)

    For those who wish to get there manually instead of parking at esteron for a teleport
  13. Slaying of Goblin Leader(aka jim)

    Location will be revealed a few hours before, however I'll be offering Summon Soul teleports to the kill location, as well as back to directly east of esteron at the coast. I highly recommend parking your boats east of esteron, no toons will be turned down a summoning. If you live on xanadu, the easiest way to the slaying would be to accept a Summon Soul and then use Karma to teleport home.
  14. WTS Supreme Bone

    I'm looking to sell off a supreme bone for 50s. If you're interested just message me ingame, over the forums, or over discord. Thank you.
  15. The medallions gained from HoTA are jewelry in every sense of the word, I don't see why you shouldn't be able to cast jewelry-specific spells on them.(glacial, fire/frost/etc protection and the like) [05:10:12] You can only target jewelry.
  16. Things you'll never hear said in Wurm

    I've done it atleast 20 times. It's fun when you have a priest on standby with summon soul. Weaponsmithing is a fun and easy skill to train
  17. closed

    I'm looking to sell off 100s via google pay for 100 euros/110usd. PM me ingame or over the forums, thanks.
  18. drake/eagle spirits swim

    They now swim underwater.(or fly underwater, depending on how you want to look at it) 90% of them stayed underwater, could only see their wings when they moved. verified with multiple people.
  19. Permadeath on PvP servers.

    Aye, that works just as well. I was just generally spitballing. Theres a dozen ways they can prevent/discourage/make it more annoying to us alts, they just need to implement one.
  20. Permadeath on PvP servers.

    it was just an example, and I'm rather hoping that they wouldn't move their capital just to make using alts easier. Another way would be random spawns combined with delayed spawns.
  21. Permadeath on PvP servers.

    Make it where toons that don't pop death tabs can only spawn at their capital. Disable village teleports for these toons as well, would pretty much solve the problem mostly. Noone would want to run alts over to the front lines from their capital every single time. One way or another, theres a dozen ways to discourage/make using alts more annoying than it's worth. Implement one or two.
  22. Reach 70 Prayer - WTF?

    Benedictus gives a wonderful effect, so it deserves alot of work. Working on a useless skill for excessive amounts of time just feels bad though.
  23. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    As the game currently stands, being a priest is another pvp requirement. You don't need to become one, the same as you don't need to be PoI and can go PoK. It's just another arm you have to cut off if you want to be relevant in pvp fights.
  24. New HotA System

    Just an idea, keep all MM that spawns inside of the camp unmovable. When a kingdom wins, any MM inside their 4 battle camps gets teleported to their capital, along with the hota statue -- or wherever the last conquered battle camp was, if you want to promote the idea that they can be intercepted with these goodies. This encourages people to conquer enemy battlecamps that have been held for awhile, and enemies to defend these battle camps. It'd also help keep away certain forms of alt abuse.
  25. [Fixed] Fun with Slots

    You can currently throw empty slots at other creatures. As a result, you get a question mark bag on the ground that can never be moved no matter what you do. [00:20:11] You cannot move that. update: you can move it if it's in a pile