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  1. That will work unless the mod you are referring to rewrites the function that sends the action to the server. I hook into it and replace the selected item with the desired one. If the custom keybinding mod does something funky and bypasses the normal behavior of the game, you are SOOL. I have absolutely no idea if it will work on those things, never tested. I don't see why not since I'm just using basic game logic for the association, I haven't hardcoded anything. For the auto repair, I simply don't do it due to the action queue limit. If you pressed improve and it would auto queue a repair after it, you would halve your possible actions.
  2. I'm trying to improve my improved improve mod. Does anyone know how to transform a PickableUnit into a InventoryMetaItem? I need to get the improveIcon of an item in world. Unless someone has a better way of knowing what item an inworld item needs. Cheers.
  3. Yo! Interesting.. Yeah I think that's how I do my comparison, using the improve icon vs actual icon. I try the items from left to right. To be honest I have no freaking idea how I even compile this mod now, I'll see if I can dig up the how to do anything and attempt to address this. EDIT : okay after looking at my code, I'm comparing the item type vs the improve icon, which leads to other type of knives being tried when they shouldn't. I don't know if I could avoid it.
  4. I totally agree, but it won't be possible/convinient with the way I found. Just incase you are curious, let me explain a few things. The server takes care of a LOT of things for you, and for this mod to be 100% client side ( which is the goal ), I need to work around a few things. As far as I remember from my digging, the client sends an action request to the server, saying X player wants to do Y action on Z target using A item, or something like that. Then the server decides if it will let the player do that action, and sends an answer back saying "Go ahead and queue this action", and your character begins its action. The above means I can't force anything in the queue, I can't insert an action between an already queued action. This sucks. ( I could probably do shenanigans like store locally all the actions requested, cancel all the actions, queue the one I want, requeue all the others, but that sounds like a ######ton of work ) Another thing is, I do not think I could make a difference between an item being damaged due to improvement and an item damaged due to use, which means I can't just say "Oh if this item == damaged, then repair it" I could force a repair action before any improve action, but that would lead to quickly filling up your queue. If I have 4 possible actions, and I'm improve 4 items, here is what will happen : "repair improve" "repair improve" "full" "full" (each "" being one item) So yeah.. idk. But I am probably gonna get back into playing some more WU for the next few weeks so I might try it again
  5. Hey, I couldn't reproduce your weird behavior, but here are a few things that could screw with you. Make sure your game is focused ( otherwise keybindings won't register ) Make sure you have the right toolbelt selected and haven't accidently changed I'm more the blacksmith kind of guy, so I'm not 100% certain how leather works, but make sure you have enough material to improve with? (leather) If none of these help, I'm afraid I can't reproduce with what you told me so far. Any more details would help greatly.
  6. Sure, I could make that happen, same as if you had the bag with seeds selected, but you'd have to queue one action at the time because of the way the game is made. You'd always queue the first seed inside the bag, which I dislike quite a bit. I believe it would require a lot more work to make sure you use a different seed every queued action, more work than I'm willing to put in at this point
  7. EDIT: Here is your error "Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server"... This is "client side mod", meaning it's using the client mod loader, not the server. I'll leave the info down below if it can help anyone else. Well the error is class not found and I know the mod works since a good few people are now using it. Here is the folder structure you should have WurmLauncher patcher.bat modlaucher.jar mods/ improvedimprove/ improvedimprove.jar
  8. Like Lucinel said, it's not supported at the moment. I have yet to find out how to ask the world about objects. I'm a bit unsure why it behaves that way. Normally it will try to find a matching improvement item in the toolbelt and if none are found it will send the selected item instead. I'll take another look and see if I can find the cause.
  9. It adds 0.1 to something, I haven't dug deeper for it, so it's possible that the value, 1.1, is a multiplier, and thus BigSteve is more accurate.
  10. Hey all! Me and my girlfriend dug in the code and found the meaning to all animal traits, so for your pleasure, here goes "It will fight fiercely." combat rating +1 "It has fleeter movement than normal." movement speed +0.1 has flag “isMoveGlobal” "It is a tough bugger." damage threshold of 11% "It has a strong body." +10000 strength "It has lightning movement." +20% movement speed "It can carry more than average." +20000 strength "It has very strong leg muscles." +10k strength + 10% speed "It has keen senses." will frolic in spring (⅕) "It has malformed hindlegs." - 10% speed has flag “isMoveLocal” "The legs are of different length." flagged “isSentinel” - 30% speed "It seems overly aggressive." bite ⅙ when emoted to "It looks very unmotivated." - 30000 strength has ⅖ more chance to hate you every time loyalty updates "It is unusually strong willed." will sometimes refuse to move (1/10), unleashes self "It has some illness." dies young…. maxAge - Server.rand.nextInt(maxAge / 2) loses strength when it eats instead of gaining (down to 15) "It looks constantly hungry." eat more (1500 instead of 700, same as a pregnant animal) "It looks feeble and unhealthy." return false to “isRespawn”??? doubles chance of disease "It looks unusually strong and healthy." halves chance of disease "It has a certain spark in its eyes." lives 50% longer "It has been corrupted." cannot be tamed by other than follower of Libia only eats corrupted grass npc’s can be dominated??? That's all we could puzzle out for now, hope you guys enjoy!
  11. Hey all! I love the crafting system, but selecting the proper tool to improve is just a hassle. So why not just use my handy toolbelt to help me craft faster? I am glad to share with you all my first public mod for Ago's modloader Improved Improve : How to use : Add your improvement items to your toolbelt Bind a key to improve Open console with f1 Type "bind t improve" Press binded key over the item of your choice and tada! The proper item will be picked and improved with Limitations : Add more than one improve action to the same item at once will use the same improvement tool Only supports inventory windows, cannot currently improve items in the world Notes : Will not prevent the normal behavior of improvement, if no matching item is found in the toolbelt, it will try to use the currently selected item instead Requires Ago's mod loader for client to work I think this is the first mod for this client mod loader? Yay me! Plan for the future : Make world object also improvable using this mod Consider making a UI for it instead? Maybe add auto-repair? PS: first project ever on github, hopefully I did everytihng right. Feel free to give me feedback!
  12. Bag of holding on a dredge makes the game behave weird, sometimes the dirt disapear from my inventory but still count toward the weight. Restarting the client doesn't fix it, but restarting the server does.
  13. Hey ago, I'm not certain if someone suggested it already, but linking is currently an issue. It would be nice to link between all white light gods and all black light gods, based on the config CreatureBehavior: