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    Making Rare Items, Bondage and Role Play, Making bricks and mortars, Mining, Evil Dictators.

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  1. Wagoner Furniture Crate

    just buy wurm unlimited if you want an easier gaming experience
  2. WTS The usual

  3. Rare Lantern 80+ql

    Rare Iron Lantern current quality 77. Starting bid 3s Increment 1s Item is on release, buyer will incur the shipping costs. Edit: I'm going to imp this above 80 Ended
  4. Supreme Lantern 80+ please close (Sold)

    a private buyout offer has been accepted. please close thread.
  5. Supreme Iron Lantern current quality 3.30. Will imp to 80+ Starting bid 10s Increment 1s Item is on release, buyer will incur the shipping costs.
  6. Did a great job for me. Inexpensive. Trustworthy player. Great Attitude.
  7. WTS The usual

  8. Rare Frying Pan 73.76+QL

  9. Spun's Pawn Shop

    Customer: Roarkindrake Loaned: 18s Collateral: Small magicical chest, birchwood ql 40 damage 10.41 cost to retrieve: 19s Duration: 2 weeks edited ql/damage
  10. WTS The usual

    For belfesar: [18:16:05] You have been charged 40 copper. [18:16:05] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than an hour.
  11. WTS The usual

    excellent i'll send it over as soon as the lumps are complete.
  12. Rare Lantern