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  1. if it was just read only that would would not change... i have manually edited the file saved it.. and loaded wurm and it keeps overwriting the file with new one with default cords for the window... btw setting the file to read only just make wurm delete and remake the file with the default cords
  2. ok here the prob... look at file. skillTracker=2320 45 -1 -1 4 i edit my file to read. skillTracker=2320 400 -1 -1 4 load game and log out rewrites file to skillTracker=2320 45 -1 -1 4 something is resetting the placement of the window
  3. yes bunch of time's normal exited even on bed .i would not think so i have changed screen size it saves everthing else but that one window. i can not fin skill tracker code in the ini file thow its just not there.
  4. seens the new ui update my skill tracker window keeps going to top right Conner .... every time i log in... changed profile 12 times screen res 16times redownloaded wurm and clean hard drive 2 times... what is the damn code for the window in the config file ill input it manually im so tried of logging in to move the damn window...
  5. thats why this is a info grab plus im human i made opp's its 70 . i got some people that pm me info some of the info is old. updated
  6. the empty slots are just that empty atm im just gathing info for the wiki so it can help others added added not sure what dif sorry been long few days.
  7. alll added sorry can not use test sever stuff may of changed
  8. no info is 100% right but its a good base start and see what we can find. are you up to help ? Could really use what skill you are and what u see. stuff at so we can know its under x and over X Examining an animal will show traits if one has the required skill level. See the chart below for skill values required in successfully examining and actually seeing specific traits present in an animal. Category Trait name Effect Base Skill (Epic Curve Skill) Value ? It has been corrupted. Grazes on mycelium instead of grass 43 (24.50) ? Combat It will fight fiercely. Higher fighting skill 20 (10.56) 10 Combat It is a tough bugger. Withstands more damage 22 (11.68) 5 Combat It seems more friendly Easier to tame ?<40 5 Combat It looks more friendly then normal Less likely to be attacked by aggressive creatures when tame ? 15 Combat it is especially loyal keeps loyalty to its tamer longer, loses less when taking damage ? 20 Combat, Rare It seems extremely tame Aggressive animals become passive ? 0 Cosmetic Horse's color is considered a trait. Does not count against the trait limit 0 Draft It has a strong body. Bonus to mounted weight limit 23 (12.25) 15 Draft It can carry more than average. Major bonus to mounted weight limit 25 (13.40) 20 Draft It has strong legs Carry weight bonus ?<40 20 Draft It is easy on its gear Equipped gear takes less damage ?<40 10 Draft, Rare It seems stronger than normal Carry weight bonus ? 0 Draft, Rare It seems more nimble than normal Increased maximum rideable slope ? 0 Miscellaneous It looks unusually strong and healthy. Has a higher resistance to disease 40 (22.54) 10 Miscellaneous It has a certain spark in its eyes. Lives 50% longer than normal 41 (23.19) 10 Miscellaneous Bred in captivity. Informational, will not count toward the max number of traits <53 0 Miscellaneous it seems to be a graceful eater Less chance to reduce the growth stage of a tile when eating ?<40 10 Miscellaneous it has a slow metablism eats half as much as a normal animal 40<?<48.92 10 Miscellaneous it looks stationary will stay put as if saddled 40<?<52.41 10 Miscellaneous ? ? ? ? Miscellaneous, Rare It seems immortal Will never die as if cared for ? 0 Miscellaneous,Rare it has a chance to produce twins chance to birth twins ? 0 Negative It has malformed hindlegs. Minor speed penalty 28 (15.15) 5 Negative The legs are of different length. Major speed penalty 29 (15.74) 5 Negative It seems overly aggressive. Random chance to bite 30 (16.33) 5 Negative It looks very unmotivated. Major penalty to mounted weight limit 31 (16.93) 5 Negative It is unusually strong willed. Will stop being led at random 32 (17.54) 5 Negative It has some illness. Body strength will slowly reduce over time eventually making the animal unrideable 33 (18.15) 5 Negative It looks constantly hungry. Becomes hungry twice as fast as normal 34 (18.76) 5 Negative It looks feeble and unhealthy. Prone to catching a disease 39 (21.90) 5 Negative It looks extremely sick Has a very slim chance to pass away when it receives a hunger tick 40<? 5 Negative it looks shabby and frail reduces output of resources such as milk and wool 40<? 5 Negative it seems to dislike steep terrain decreased ridable slope ?<44 5 Output It gives more resources Increases output of resources such as wool and milk ?<40 10 Output It seems prize winnning Gives better products when butchered ?<40 10 Output It looks plump and ready to butcher Gives more products when butchered ? 20 Output it seems to pick stuff up ? chance to dig something up when eating, drops items on the ground ?<40 5 Output it seems vibrant increases output of resources 40<?<48.92 5 Output, Rare it has very good genes increased amount and quality of resources like milk and wool ? 0 Speed It has fleeter movement than normal. Minor speed boost 21 (11.12) 10 Speed It has lightning movement. Major speed boost 24 (12.82) 20 Speed It has very strong leg muscles. Movement speed bonus 26 (13.98) 10 Speed It seems accustomed to water Able to sense when on a water tile 27 (14.56) ? <48.92 10 Speed, Rare it is unbelievably fast always on speed bonus similar to hell horses 49<?<51 0 See total points 10.5< * <20SEE ? marks *<10.5 Time until being able to breed AH 70 Hunger * <42 Time until being able to Grooming * <42
  9. skill tracker window will not stay put keeps moving .. top right Conner
  10. nah shareing tools with people is all hoping people find it usefull like i do
  11. Cooking alt and friend Compare/Priest Compare https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1f2yTFxvGCGSA6uxANvS6LIlTsekXDbcVcJGYF_t3OeY OK let's get you SetUp Step 1# At the top left of the page you want to click (FILE) Step 2#Click (Make a Copy) You want to move this Workbook to your own google spreadsheet. IF you Export it to Normal Excel i'm sorry but it will not work. At this point You should see little arrows beside a lot of Cell's. and yellow cells to input data injoy your spreadsheet madman icbash
  12. i give free hug's life to short to fight all the time.