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  1. if it was just read only that would would not change... i have manually edited the file saved it.. and loaded wurm and it keeps overwriting the file with new one with default cords for the window... btw setting the file to read only just make wurm delete and remake the file with the default cords
  2. ok here the prob... look at file. skillTracker=2320 45 -1 -1 4 i edit my file to read. skillTracker=2320 400 -1 -1 4 load game and log out rewrites file to skillTracker=2320 45 -1 -1 4 something is resetting the placement of the window
  3. yes bunch of time's normal exited even on bed .i would not think so i have changed screen size it saves everthing else but that one window. i can not fin skill tracker code in the ini file thow its just not there.
  4. seens the new ui update my skill tracker window keeps going to top right Conner .... every time i log in... changed profile 12 times screen res 16times redownloaded wurm and clean hard drive 2 times... what is the damn code for the window in the config file ill input it manually im so tried of logging in to move the damn window...
  5. thats why this is a info grab plus im human i made opp's its 70 . i got some people that pm me info some of the info is old. updated
  6. the empty slots are just that empty atm im just gathing info for the wiki so it can help others added added not sure what dif sorry been long few days.
  7. alll added sorry can not use test sever stuff may of changed