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  1. Plaque

  2. New tile - Meadow

  3. it really dos. my main is on the old system . use it all the time. its broken toon that have a range prob. (we just no longer support older toons) Plus i like making salads. it dos not do the leg work for u. one day ill get around to put templets into it..(maybe one day will get it to auto generate ) i am more wanting to add timers amounts based on ql of meal i made the spreadsheet . and released it so people where not overcharging for food and it worked. trust me i got alot of hate mail when i released it. and a bit when i helped wurmfood come about.
  4. https://wurmfood.com/ dos salad its what i normaly make with it. hell its what 60% testing was done with
  5. Examining cooked food for recipe

    that can be done if you know what the weight of the food is plus the affinity it has in with a little bit of math
  6. Valrei International. 068

    so @Retrogradeare alter going to be dye able?
  7. The State of Raiding

    he is pointing out somethings . and why things have gotten the way they are..
  8. Current and future PvP works

    Sindusk. thx you for the update. thx you and all the devs for what ya do. back to med rug... this fail run will end soon... 6days so far...
  9. Wurm Ultimate Recipe Maker (Affinity Meals)

    no one seems like u need to go to your profile in game can update your self to new cooking math
  10. Back Up Alert

  11. Smith a sword,a maul,an axe and a shield.. im told its 100 of one ore 100 of each? eathere way goal is buged or needs alot of rewording . The word (A) normaly means 1 not 100. same for (An)