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  1. Back Up Alert

  2. Smith a sword,a maul,an axe and a shield.. im told its 100 of one ore 100 of each? eathere way goal is buged or needs alot of rewording . The word (A) normaly means 1 not 100. same for (An)
  3. More Pendulum Enchantments

  4. WTB LMC

    you can buy them off merchants.
  5. Split tomes into 3 items with one charge

    prob cuz he feels that way? me i feel +1
  6. Valrei International. 060

    what about mage? Up to 5 sorceries, main white (3+ ) thats still 4 tomes and main 3 gota be white
  7. Animal Husbandry

    old age. to many on 1 tile the ratio is just what the deed can handle. each tile can only handle x amount before bad things happen
  8. PVP updates eta? Epic plans? 1 server?

    Armor change chaos only.. if your work load is to high. ask there are alot of people that can do code even better then the people that are know. let someone do it to a unlimited sever copy there code fix the few lines becuz the stuff is a little dif and run with it its a flag for sever is armor change on/off... Your route prob you a stuck on one path. take them all and see what works and don't , remove the bad . leave the good.
  9. Mad Suggestions

  10. Supreme Knarr

    1s embargo price
  11. Breeder Kingdom Title.

    + timer
  12. +1 for armor changes and few improvements. epic armor change helped pvp