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  1. fixed a error with grains
  2. +100
  3. you can kinda/ only on inside walls never a outside wall(unless none ground floor) and never in a arch.
  4. only 1 meat
  5. WOOT MY DEED MADE THE NEWS.... fear me....
  6. -1 sorry i think custom texture packs could be a prob even on pve.. i do think optional texture packs would be cool made by player. and voted on would change the way the game looks and feels. (over site) i really want custom ui's (the coding behind them can be made limiting anof to stop exploiting )
  7. i left sever 2mins befor that came up
  8. yes keep pushing for the bigger kingdom.. and you will keep having prob.. You can call a prem toon a alt.. its paying its dime..
  9. sorry jake and beast meant no disrespect
  10. When your out numbered in war.. you dont face your foe head on ... For one when i got bullied in school i waited till he was alone and not have his friends and i broke both of his legs. with a iron pipe... And lets talk about toxic you cheating TC/Rome POS!!! 1 Your destoryed Epic to the point people felt sorry for u so they let you bring your toons to freedom.. 2 Your group hacked MR forums and stole/exploited... and forced them to quit.. 3 Your group pushed off choas the people that let you into there kingdom. to get your footing on choas (jk).. 4 Bullying people to play like you want or u crush there deeds... or Pay me X to stop.... Do you want me to keep going about your toxic ways? if alts don't piss ya off why ya pushing so hard to nerf them then... becuz your getting triggered and everyone knows it..
  11. -1 you piss people off to the point of them doing that u should take ever bit of it and love it... because you made it....
  12. 2