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  1. was the fact u could use this on reinforced tiles before a bug... and fixed with out a patch note or is it fixed/bugged know?
  2. 34 crate racks made and full.. 2 warehouse. omg i got so much room for more stuff...
  3. im just going to drop a 1silver deed outside my deed so it can be part of highway system. so i can still kos people.
  4. make both paved?
  5. +1 the only one i seen that looks like a real cloth Tapestries. not a screen show or a painting..
  6. People Impersonating other people will be Banned from this point on...
  7. i used the have this prob i removed drivers for drivers for mouse and just put drivers in no app to control other then windows. some reason windows still wants to be the main driver control in java and the app that control the mouse fights for control
  8. i can not believe i'm saying yes to this +1
  9. 2tall banners and 2 normals to icbash plz:)
  10. +100 i have look at this alot and know the math behind this affinity /timers and food fill. noobs in the new system are not getting full food bars and that really hurts them. add new food(Rock soap) -ccfp -affinty timer +x100 fill just a drity but ez way to fill food bar (caped at 50ql) to stop high-end players from abusing it.
  11. All ready can be done.. Ask one that been to my deed and seen my bedroom.. +1 more this is all-way fun
  12. is one of you POK?
  13. +1
  14. make it like pile of corn plz.. here is what 100 on the ground look like