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  1. i give free hug's life to short to fight all the time.
  2. cotton seed oil is spot on just tested it fixed both
  3. if ya can get met list of all the dif kinds of vinegar's there are ill add them. and we will agjest them to get them setting right
  4. sweet ya want body and u got blacksmithing? the compound stuff like red wine Vineger is a compound thing ill put in the maker red wine as a subset test it for me if ya would thx Maiya for helping : )
  5. there is no fresh pasta its just pasta. rule of thumb if its not in item name. dont add it oh Added Corn oil green bar is dev bar. used both passata newly made and one out of barrel
  6. ill see if i can find id for corn oil.. im not sure if fresh and no fresh are dif i gota test this
  7. ya cooking it in forge not oven? two when did gravy add mashed ? may have to change offset to mashed whats your setup meal and affinity?
  8. Added Maple Syrup vinegar Olive oil Cotton seed oil Batter Cornflour i must test fresh pasta see whats going on
  9. yum what is oil? olive oil?
  10. <<<Codeclub has the rights to the img so me editing img's on behave of the kingdom/CC to fix few online issue's still falls under there rights. it was decided to keep your and your wife's art work intact best i could and bring it upto date with what i had. out of respect for your art and history with ebo. i have never sayed i am a artist. i was only one willing to take on the prob and do what was best for kingdom. Worked out we all got wagons we can see out of the back of becuz of me :-).. i was not going to reply to this but i figured you would like to know why and how come. Best of Luck to you and your. have fun wurming Feisty Master Chainsmith Icbash (Get Off My Lawn)
  11. really ez to do for dev's put in another wagon with cover set at x. like i did with ebo wagon so ya can see out back