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  1. 4s
  2. Hi Murdock - can you please send me a pm or contact me in game when you get a chance - thanks! :-)
  3. Same
  4. Caption: Me: "I wonder whats in these........" Him: "SUPPLIES!!!!!!" Me: "AARRRGGHH - Not cool man -not cool"
  5. Hi - I would like to trade 6 sleeping powders for the 89BotD rare shovel please! Where exactly on Celebration are you located and will you be online later today - in about 5 hours from now?
  6. For some reason I had it in my head that using a pestle and mortar on hazelnuts would produce cocoa beans (probably eating too much nutella) - anyways - it doesn't - but maybe this might be a fix to the cocoa bean issue without having to introduce a new crop or tree?? "During WWII the price of chocolate skyrocketed due to rationing and Italian chocolatier Pietro Ferrero revived the idea of stretching the precious chocolate supply by adding hazelnuts."
  7. I highly recommend Folke's services - I sent a rare item through the mail and it was sent back to me enchanted beyond what I asked for in a couple of hours - and his prices are great - I had asked one other merchant for a quote for the same job and Folke prices was only about a 3rd of the cost compared to the first quote.
  8. Hi - please send the following to Ordinii tripple shoulder 50c Thanks in advance! :-)
  9. oh dang - the mails costs are a bit high - 1s and 1c - where are you located and I will deliver to you and trade in person?
  10. "Pottery bricks now require 5kgs of clay instead of 15" its the small things in life! :-) - I started to make them to have them all ready but when I realised how labour intensive it was I hoped for some change like this - glad i waited now! :-) At least you got the skill ups for making all then Audrel!
  11. best enchanted items

    Hi - can you please send the following to Ordinii? Thanks in advance! :-) large rat pelt 100ql 0dmg COC88 - 1s20c
  12. What do you consider to be a nice deed? In the desert - up a mountain - in a forest - by the coast? Or you could just place a new deed - there is plenty of free space near my deed on Release and I would help you out with the animals and cart etc!
  13. Hi - I can help you out with this - I will put 100 sprouts in a satchel and send it to you - and then you can just send me back the eggs - which toon will I send it to?
  14. Hi - can you please CoD the following to Ordinii? Thanks in advance! :-) 100QL whetstone 87coc-87c
  15. Hi - I would like to offer 4s for the grooming brush - if you agree please c.o.d. to Ordinii. Thanks!