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  1. Can you please COD the Mask of the Ravager to Ordinii if still available?
  2. Hello can you please COD 2 of the valentines pottery = 50c each and the troll mask = 75c to Ordinii please. Thanks
  3. Tks Kochinac, I have submitted a ticket ingame.
  4. Hi - I was out troll hunting and I came out of a mine door on your deed but there is a locked gate on the other side and my cart is trapped there - could you please arrange to meet me and allow me to get it out. I am on Ordinii in game or you can contact me here. Thanks Ordinii
  5. Hi if you are still looking for SPs I have 25 available and I can deliver to Cele T21 if you meet me at the coast. I tried to PM you in game but you weren't on. Let me know if you are still looking here on forums please!
  6. Bump - nobody wants to make an offer? Surely somebody can spare 10 silver for 11 sleep powders?? My deed will die! ?
  7. Bump up as I didn't realise editing wouldnt do it!
  8. Hello, I have 11 SPs for sale - am looking for 10 silver (need to feed my deed). I am on Release and pick up is preferable but I will deliver to anywhere on the coast of Freedom Isles (within reason). Thanks
  9. Hello - if you are still looking I have 44 between Release and Xanadu - its been a while since I was on here but I used to see these guys sell for 1s per SP?
  10. Hi Murdock - can you please send me a pm or contact me in game when you get a chance - thanks! :-)
  11. Caption: Me: "I wonder whats in these........" Him: "SUPPLIES!!!!!!" Me: "AARRRGGHH - Not cool man -not cool"