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  1. Halloween & Rift Items *Lower Prices*

    Can you please COD the Mask of the Ravager to Ordinii if still available?
  2. misc. rares/supremes/gifts - CHEAP

    Hello can you please COD 2 of the valentines pottery = 50c each and the troll mask = 75c to Ordinii please. Thanks
  3. For Attn. Mayor of "Temple of Dust"

    Tks Kochinac, I have submitted a ticket ingame.
  4. Hi - I was out troll hunting and I came out of a mine door on your deed but there is a locked gate on the other side and my cart is trapped there - could you please arrange to meet me and allow me to get it out. I am on Ordinii in game or you can contact me here. Thanks Ordinii
  5. WTT/WTB SB Powders

    Hi if you are still looking for SPs I have 25 available and I can deliver to Cele T21 if you meet me at the coast. I tried to PM you in game but you weren't on. Let me know if you are still looking here on forums please!
  6. WTS 11 Sleep Powders for 10 Silver

    Bump - nobody wants to make an offer? Surely somebody can spare 10 silver for 11 sleep powders?? My deed will die!
  7. WTS 11 Sleep Powders for 10 Silver

    Bump up as I didn't realise editing wouldnt do it!
  8. WTS 11 Sleep Powders for 10 Silver

    SPs still available!
  9. Hello, I have 11 SPs for sale - am looking for 10 silver (need to feed my deed). I am on Release and pick up is preferable but I will deliver to anywhere on the coast of Freedom Isles (within reason). Thanks
  10. Lock Please!

    Hello - if you are still looking I have 44 between Release and Xanadu - its been a while since I was on here but I used to see these guys sell for 1s per SP?
  11. Please Close

  12. Hi Murdock - can you please send me a pm or contact me in game when you get a chance - thanks! :-)
  13. Cannot connect to server!

  14. Valrei International 016

    Caption: Me: "I wonder whats in these........" Him: "SUPPLIES!!!!!!" Me: "AARRRGGHH - Not cool man -not cool"