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  1. I hope I don't get into any trouble for this... Are you a large nail? Because I'd like to hammer you into a wall.
  2. I've seen probably around 100 or so on the island I live on. Maybe even 200! Just- wow. It's like they're breeding like rabbits.
  3. I'm surprised no one's suggested this before but... Can we make unicorns spawn less often? I know there's probably some kind of percentage rate or chances for certain animals to spawn, so can we just turn that down a little? Unicorns are unicorns! You would think they would be a rare sight, and it would be a privilege to have one wander into your deed or something. But nope. Unicorns seem to be the most common animal in wurm, and are viewed by most wurmians as "vermin". Unicorns are nuisances, and those who can manage to kill them(who are far and few inbetween) often go out and slaughter them in huge numbers. Is this what unicorns are supposed to be like in the world of Wurm? Is this what Rolf intended them to be? Make them rarer please. They aren't really good for anything except to kill for exp. While some people may like being able to find them easily and in large numbers for some reason or another, I think we all would probably like to see less of them. PART 2 This is an extra suggestion I'd like to add onto this. Make unicorns useful. In addition to making them rarer and harder to find, perhaps we can give them some extra features or effects of some sort so that if you do happen to find a unicorn then it's a good thing. Some ideas off the top of my head: 1. If a unicorn wanders onto your deed, the deed gets some kind of small positive buff or something. This only happens if there is a unicorn on the deed, and does not stack if multiple unicorns are on the deed to prevent people from hording unicorns for their buff. 2. You get some kind of positive buff from being within a certain tile distance of a unicorn. Tile distance depends on unicorn's age. Does not stack if multiple unicorns are around. 3. Make unicorns faster than normal horses, so they are more considerable as mounts. (I don't know if they're already faster or not, wiki doesn't say.) Unicorns can not be used as beasts of burden(for large carts or any other animal drag-able thing). 4. The only really unique thing a unicorn gives on death is a Twisted Horn, which is not very useful except for making healing covers, and even isn't very useful for that either. Give the horn more importance or effects that make it more valuable. 5. Unicorns turn grass or dirt/packed dirt into flowers when they walk on them. This would make unicorns an extremely valuable addition to any pasture. This may also create small issues for people who are building, but I don't think a unicorn would approve of someone destroying nature anyway. All the ideas above are assuming unicorns are made more rare. This idea is up for votes on Uservoice!