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  1. I have some things I need to get rid of I have a full 9 Piece set of studded leather all 50 ql Full set of bronze chain all 30ql Full set of iron chain 20-30 ql 1800 dirt 2000 sand Saddles and cowboy hats all 20 ql Wagons and furniture all made to order yer choice in wood Small braziers marble brazier pillers Strange devices All items are At S-11 deli Pickup or cod only I do NOT deliver All prices are obo. Leave me a message or contact me in game ty
  2. I just hope they fix the glitch that made it that way cause when I had a problem with the gnomes the gm showed up and insisted I tell him what had happen when the gm for this issue showed up I was alittle upset and told him I would fix it on my own and he said ok and bugged out lol guess the bridge bug wasn't as important and the gnome bug lol
  3. OK so I have a 4 story tall building directly in front of a mountain on that mountain is a area that has been surfaced mined down flat I built a bridge from my 4 story tall building to that flat mined area on the mountain all was going well until I dropped 8 beams while half on and half off the part of bridge that wasn't completed the beams fell to the bottom floor of building and now I can't pick them up I keep getting the message (you need to be on the same bridge) to pick them up altho there 4 stories below me and I can't reach . when I try to pick up on ground level message appears I destroyed the bridge thinking it would allow me to retrieve the beams on ground floor no luck . so if at all possible can you send me a god like toon to retrieve beams out of glitch please and ty
  4. I have a Deed for sale for 5s it includes the deed with 2 months in coffers and all outter walls are up some need repairing but half palisade and the other half tall stone wall it has a mailbox already enchanted on deed, it also has a on deed mine with 2x very good iron ore veins in it. it comes with 5 horses some sheep a crab and part of the yard is already enchanted with grass and 1 enchanted tree lol there is a forge and a few other item included a loom a few chests ' there is already running water on deed in the fourm of a fountain and in mine is unlimited water the deed is 25x15 upkeep is 1s a month makes a great deed for someone new to game if interested pm me in game or leave me a message the deed is located at s-13 on the deli map ty and remember for 5s your getting a great deal
  5. WTS Rare Large Cart Ql 15 OakenWood 12s im on deli S-11 leave message or contact me in game ty
  6. Wts Rare Cedar Spindle QL 16 for tailoring 3s and aleave me a message ill cod to ya or contact Neanderthol in game im on deli ty
  7. Hammer 83 woa cod to me for 70c if that's ok if not thanks anyhow
  8. Saw, Iron - 85.22ql - 89 Wind of Ages - 1.15s - Added (6/6/2015 Also gonna need hatchet with same stats and same price
  9. Marked down sorry got bad info i was told thats what it was worth
  10. WTS 1 Supreme QL29 Horse shoe12s pm me in game Neanderthol ty
  11. WTS Rare Gold necklace QL24 6s im on deli contact Neanderthol in game ty