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  1. Necrolis, It was on this very new client download which I have not been able to update. I also noticed a Java Script window pops up saying my Java version is not 64-bit, but running 32-bit. Every time I checked my Java, I have the latest version. I have used Firefox, mostly. And they have discontinued the filetype of our game. So I downloaded Google Chrome; using it as default browser. Still this very new client download will not update, but errors out. Thanks...
  2. I think so, but I will try it, thanks...
  3. Dear wurmians, a An update occured about a week ago; sometime after the unstable version was discontinued. I have tried each day 2-3-4 times. Same results. Has anyone had a problem like this? I can't get online to ask a GM for help. HELP!! lol
  4. I got the same thing, but "I found a bug" window popped up after my Unstable Client 4.0 had updated. I could not copy and paste it here as the "I found a bug" window suggested I do. I don't have the "test client", I only have the Unstable Client 4.0
  5. I was trying to login after the update, and "I found a bug" window popped up. I have is minimized, but I cannot copy the contents to paste it on the forums as the "I found a bug" window asked me to.... WHAT? (waiting for any response...)
  6. Thank you all. This is very instructive.
  7. I am curious. How can a tunnel be made through a mountain if the game does not allow an opening on the other end? North East Deli Area
  8. Thanks so much for putting Olenewbie's Place on the map. When Guruen posted his map (Blacksteel Estate) he added a "red" road directly West of Belleu Wood along Y-14. Olenewbie's Place straddles that exact road. Nice job, Guruen. But now I see I am too far North one (1) Range #. Could you please move Olenewbie's Place South to (X-42 , Y-14) right on top of that new road. That road goes right through my deed. Thanks so much. Keep up the great work Old "Ole" Newbie
  9. Metalurgy

    I am curious. Are there any tiles of Zinc Tin and Copper in Deliverance. I believe I have seen Tin, but no Zinc or Copper. And where can I get some?
  10. Ole "Old" Newbie; Skills: Digging 43.64, Mining 41.17, Masonry 39.84, Woodcutting 37.07. Not the greatest, but I have a lot of fun at it My attitude cannot be bettered. Olenewbie Settler at X - 42, Y - 13 "Olenewbie's Place"; West of Belleau Wood
  11. I see Pemroke on map. Do you use Petawawa as your market? I suppose I could make a new character to care for my deed, and take Olenewbie to Pembroke.
  12. Hey guys. I would like to make a new character. I be helpfull, and could use some help. I have a place in NE Deliverance; just West of Belleu, and SW of Shore called Olenewbie's Place. It lies just South of my son's deed. He doesn't play much lately. I gotta think of a kewl name
  13. Hey Valion. Are you still looking for recruits? I have a place in Northeastern Deliverance. I am new to WURM; just a few months. I would like to start a new character for your village. Is that okay?
  14. Thank you Akaryd, Please update map with Olenewie's Place at (42,13). That is pretty close. There are some roads there. I will look at your post and learn how to map them for an update. Olenewbie, (...a wise old Ole settler )
  15. How do I find the (x,y) location for my settlement?
  16. EnvyODB, on 12 May 2015 - 2:55 PM, said:
  17. After the maintenance server reboot, I cannot lauch my application. Error msg says, "Failed to validat signing of launch file," and "The signed version does not match the downloaded version. Has anyone else had this problem after server reboot?? And, what can I do to fix this? Olenewbie, citizen Moon's Landing..