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  1. 4 top wep smithing potions 1 top mining potion to Fendir pls
  2. Closed

    Rare Stone Chisel Iron 84ql 85WoA 86CoC 7s to Fendir thanks!
  3. Please COD - C87 / 99.33ql [60c] - W90 C75 / 98.52ql [80c + 30c] to Fendir, thanks!
  4. Lump, iron QL_93 WoA_86 1,5s and Lump, iron QL_93 CoC_87 1,5s to Fendir pls Thanks
  5. Selling several tools, up to 92ql. You can buy them directly from “Hq tools n more” merchant at Xanadu Hollow Spring Market (I-J/10-11), or I can COD you what you want. Now I sell only stock items, but I will also take orders in the future, both bs and ws. Please note that C.O.D fee's are paid by the customer, pricing is as follows: Within Xanadu +10c to cost Other Servers +20c to cost.
  6. Nw Xan Impalong

    Very close to my place Will imp Blacksmith and Weaponsmith. You can find Fendir on Niarja, so if I can help with something, PM me.
  7. You can send them to the same name: Fendir. Thank you!
  8. Hi, if you still have 2 mining potions above or equal to 80 send them to Fendir, thanks! Even if you have only 1.
  9. [09:00:26] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.