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  1. Who's Leaving

    I'll remain firmly anchored yet that doesn't mean new charactes n new deeds won't be added to the cache either via impulse or typical addiction craziness that defies common sense
  2. News Update: Work And Progress. Week 21

    yah at first i thought i saw the cog as the weird looking ship with beyond human scale oars..only to log in again n see it labled corbita..i was like whoa..time to sleep or get meds or change meds or take off beer goggles..something...
  3. 90ql Supreme Bridle

    i'd not want the bridle..but how can you not wanna be friends with someone with a name like yarnball!!!! my new bestie!!
  4. this was a really awesome thing to read..a pixel interaction that fuses into real life meeting. deepens the ever growing strong bond to wurm. Yuh know how there are gatherings of classmates from university at places around the world..fore instance..i'll going to a orioles baseball game n host a box for the day where all alumni of my university can meet n hang out...would be fun all our places around the world.have meeting spots where we meet our fellow wurmians in real life. The real kicker is how the match up in reality with how what we've made these people out to be in our heads based on game play......imagine.....
  5. Cave dwellers wishlist

  6. wtb merchant contract , looking for deeply discounted one ...can pick up on indy,deli,exodus, celebration
  7. Tents - Bed Roll

    love the idea..would love to see some likeness of it implemented
  8. Hey we need Hay

  9. Lepricauns and fairies

    i think we already have fairies..and the Goblins/insert leprechans are creepy enough
  10. Who killed indy!

    i'm so proud of our fellow wurmians....seconds after crash..a post is'd all make impressive neighborhood watch...let NO ONE stand between us and our addiction!!
  11. looking at buying a new desktop to play wurm on

    i appreciate all the input very solid advice ...gonna try to go Intel i5 but go big on graphics card. think 8GB of ram will be ok for price point, 2GB graphics card nvidia GTX graphics seems like best performance n value for money given all your inputs looked around. thanks wurm community
  12. music was awesome in setting a dramatic stage..wish some of this music was in wurm..for some reason..the game music misses the mark in capturing the time period n essence of wurm..your music choices bring depth and celebration to the role play theatrics of wurm..making one every more feel not only part of wurm but living it..breathing it..experiencing it!!
  13. want to buy 2 LT small mauls

    thanks for the offer Guzten but i've become a huge fan of LT so i have my heart set on LT small mauls
  14. rare uninished forge

    bump bump..beep beep