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  1. Slow change of focus

    Best of luck with the slow move toward other projects, Thirteen years in any role is a long time. Thanks for everything!
  2. [Poll] How long have you been playing?

    I joined a month after inde allowed non prems on to the server, so been playing (very on and off) since then, whenever that was 2010-2011?
  3. Skyfall Enchantsments Market [SEM]

    Very prompt, recommended
  4. Get the development staff and the players into a bar, add alcohol. I'd get life insurance first though but they'd at least be communication, and alcohol!
  5. Joined up with Jorma, i'll close this
  6. I have OCD and actually LIKE making new toons >.< this will be number um 4.
  7. He hasn't been nerfed and his dapper suits would make me feel dressed down for the town.
  8. Title says it all, I know the server pretty well and i'm hoping to join up with a group to ease my way back into the game. if your interested in an old fool like myself give me a shout. Note: I'm on a new toon named DalRiada. I like long walks on the beach, killing unicorns, nerfing and mining for hours an end. Peace and Love
  9. Thanks for the shouts, i'm actually looking to join a village this time on inde so if anyone wants give me a shout, i'll put up a post in recruitment too
  10. So um, yeah I may have just made a toon. I got the yearly itch. I am a bad person. Edit: On inde, again again. Named Dalriada should anyone actually care.
  11. berris is op, please nerf

    *Blinks* Rolf has betrayed us all.
  12. berris is op, please nerf

    This is your monthly nerf post, please report in to bump this for one day to remind ourselves why berris needs to be nerfed even more as the days go by. P.S. Nerf Edit. Nerf.
  13. Why Did I Deprem/Quit Wurm Online? - Feedback

    The community was always the game, not the game itself
  14. berris is op, please nerf

    Never forget.