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  1. The above answer fixed it for me with an integrated Intel card, so if you're finding your game locked at low FPS regardless of what you disable in the settings, try Ferriss solution!
  2. Hey Steveleeb Thanks for your help earlier, I'm wondering if someone else knows anything about this.
  3. I've asked around CA Help before and gotten some answers but I can't help to feel I'm either missing something or maybe found a bug so I figured I'd ask here. I've recently came back to the game and found a settlement in the exact same spot I did last year. In both times I played there were a couple of abandoned BSBs in the place that I could never find a way to get rid of. They are locked and therefore cannot be loaded into a cart. I can move them, but I cannot destroy them in anyway, I have 21.99 body strength but I get no action to destroy them with the maul or the carving knife. It also baffles me that these were already here last year, and one of them has 3 damage, although it is possible that someone repaired it meanwhile for some reason. If I understand the wiki and the help I got correctly, since I'm not the owner of the bin, nor the holder of the lock key, there is nothing I can do to get rid of it other than wait for decay and move it around?
  4. You sir, are my hero!! After so long searching for a solution, it was this simple.. This works with Oneiric as well, although there is no -dpg package