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  1. oh thats cool i guess. Do you know what bonus apply for lockpick how much %?
  2. I'm playing on Defiance PvP server and I obtained 4 lvl in hate path. But instead of getting lockpick bonus i got damage bonus [12:30:25] You may now harm structures more for a while. At body it shows increased damage and when I activate it it shows me "[12:48:36] You feel the rage pulsate within." And Grant me a buff for 15mins "Double damage done to structures" I didn't check if that actually does gives bonus. But certainly it doesnt give any lockpick bonus so that's [12:48:36] You feel the rage pulsate within. So completely glitched
  3. Last few days i was gridning rope making to make Halter rope on defiance. Today I was told Halter rope is not working on pvp. Which make sense for ridable animals. It doesnt make sense for animals like bigs hens chicken etc. My suggestion let people to lead non ridable animals. Also would be aswesome to have a container for transporting hens/chickens Change Halter rope to lead non ridable animals its simple to do.
  4. Correct Yes Yes. My laptop is occupied with game. I cant minimalize game. Game have te be shown all the time on screen mouse cursor has to be at designated spot. Difference is i just a certain keybinds on that keyboard exclusively send inputs to laptop. So I dont need a wireless numpad like it was mention before. It would be more simple to just use numpad. I would say my focus on game is higher than casual semi afk. When Minimalise game and them maximalise game back sometimes i forgot what i suppose to do. While having it on second screen/pc/laptop I just see a second screen with game in corner of my eye sight. Because of this I can react to any changes such as someone whisper me or my que just finished. People call it cheating or just unfair. There are people who us such things and not hiding and some use and pretend to not to. Reason . Its because they want benefit from it exclusively. But there is also a major group who dont't use it because they are afraid of getting ban. That's what I think its unfair. Unclear rules. Because of it there is only some part of community using it for benefit while others dont use. I wish it wasn't a thing. And I wish no one could use such things. But I understand devs have no choice to let this to be used. Simply because there is no way to detect it. And it doesnt matter what rules they made. That's why G series was add on. So not only few brave players would use it but everybody who has g series. But I think it should be extend to higher degee so % of people using it is higher. Other wise this group is too small and its unfair. Allowing G series to be used it's simply its not detectable. But there are other ways I.E my way or numpad. I know in rules there are those mandatory checks such as be present and screen and do own inputs. But in same time in rules its said. 3rd party/macros are not allowed. But technically G series is 3rd party software/macro. Input into a game its not but all steps before inputs get there it require 3rd party software. Another way is just make skilling process be a more complicated so it cant be so easy semi afk . But I think a lot of players play this game to have some acitvities who are semi afk. So yea no help
  5. No. I don't see point to use laptop as wireless keyboard. I could just use laptop. I dont move laptop its just like second PC. Toilet/cooking/whatever its not worth an effort. If I bother my self with doing any actions while cooking or being in Toilet I would just que longest actions possible. Like Meditation/Grooming/Mining
  6. I simply leave cursor of mouse at designated area. Then leave mouse a bit back or turn it off or switch to fly mode or just swap to second device which doesnt exist. Well many options. So Cursor stay at same place. Then I simply click a button on my keyboard which is transfered to laptop and its read as other input not as a program. G series flow allow to keybind mouse to buttons. But my keyboard has limitations to just few binds. And those keybinds are special buttons in laptop and they execuse stupid things like volume brightness etc. And In this laptop model I cant turn that Off in BIOS or in system. So all F1-F12 are not gucci for my laptop. There is work around to this but my solution is just way more simple. Which is just use most comf button then be a translated in laptop for other input.
  7. R is not doing 2 things in same time. Input is just transfered to Laptop. I know this. But its overkill. I'm like 10h daily at desk anyway . It's for Sofa/Bed players Meme
  8. It's not in that case. Single Key Input = Single Key Input. It's also not a fast clicker which multiply one input into many of same input. x input its not a command. It arrive to z window as x input but i change how this second screen understand x input. I has nothing to do with muliboxing. This is how it works. I fill one queue once. I press one button and it fill action queue up to my current max which is 3. I don't understand what do you mean by space-bar send inputs. As it;s explain in infographic I click a button on keyboard which is transfered to laptop by wifi (This is exacly how G series flow work Which is allowed). But laptop understand this input as other input not a program or a code. I used this method on my old laptop. I spilled drink on keyboard and some keybinds didnt work. So I swap inputs so inputs I need will be assign to other inputs. It's not againts any rules. It's pretty much invert keybinds. Point of this topic is to be offically clearfield. Not being told by GM in private message I think. You think my input = some program. I.E Macro for recoil. But that's not the case. Input is just an Input it doesnt execuse any code.
  9. Hi. I have spoke with some players about using 3rd software for macro. Some said its illegal some said its legal. So I wondered who's right . After some topic research. I find out both are right... Rules seems to be outdated. Rules seems to be a bit contradicted. Use a 3rd software is not allowed. But in same time software for Logitech G series is allowed. So GM add an mandatory checks if its allowed: -Input made by player including multi inputs with single click -Player must be present at computer and have miniumum attention. So I have a G series. But I'm using it in different way. I don't like move mouse to other screen or switch. Its laggy tend to bug out and overall its annoying for me. So I connect my PC with Laptop and share same keyboard. Then I limited keybinds to just some. Transform how those inputs have to be read in laptop. Something like click of spacebar is Left mouse click. So this sound suspcious but I do check on both mandatory requirements: -Present at computer I see what's going on -Any inputs in game are made by me I know server cant tell from where orginally inputs come from. So it doesnt really matter. But just for sake of conversation. I would like GM to comment on this. Ideally update Rules so it would be more clear. From the other side I know this kind of update would encourages players to go to edge. While unclarity keep people at bay I upload infographic to simple explain it
  10. Thats a good thing. Both items and fighting skill can be much easiter obtain on pve than pvp. I played yesterday on epic to check changes. Somebody said items now have 100% chance of crafting. I dont see any change in that regard I still have 50-60% chance to craft something. 3rd view its very nice add it help to feel like not being alone. I dont know whats wrong but me and my friend was attacked by hyana. And we were stand no chance againts it. I have all fighting skill caped at 20 I have sword quality 76 with 4 enchants and I have plate armour. Even tho we cant kill anything and lost so much time. Anaconda killed 1 guard before it died from 4 guards. Those mobs are empowered on epic compare to other server? I also met a lot of players coming back after many years also a new players waiting for steam pvp server. All have same worry. Population that is
  11. Yea Hope its a good word. This if first time Wurm Online will start a fresh server and its public. So there is hope the numbers of players will remain high enough that new player will join older stop playing. One also warries me that they combine PvE with PvP. Like it was with Chaos. People kill dragons on PvE then move to PvP kill and destory. Once pulndered place they just take all those items to thier PvE homes. I think it doesnt be possible to transfer. Epic server had idea of 4 island 3 for each faction and 1 middle for pvp. Idea wasnt bad. Again amount of players compare to size of those lands was biggest issue. What was also missing in Epic server was economical reasons to go to other island and fight. Such us critical resources. One island could have high amount of gold other silver (assuming they are equally value) Other could have Salt or anything valueblue. Make those materials extremly important. Cross island trade would make sense. Invading Would make sense. Ships active. Means people can set traps.
  12. I explained in 1th Playtime. What happend. Then again when something happend to me GM didnt help. Also if you assume someone is not telling the truth from beginning. Means you are not reffering to problem I pointed out. Example I bought laptop about year ago. It broke out 6 days later. I send back to get new one. Company didnt send me a new one for month. While it was againts the law. I asked on forum What I can do. People assumed I broke laptop and I should get lawsuit for trying scam xD. There were also a bit of racism but I dont want to bother you with details. I got new laptop after a month with appologies from USA departament because UK want didnt want to respond. But yea its lack of perception if you assume right away. But lets finish at this. 2 silver for first month its after 15 years? Its way too late. It should be offered from start of the servers not while its long time dead. Atm nothing will safe legacy servers. Unless complete wipe or complete change of mechanics. But that wont happend to expensive to change much. And those legacy players they stay because they have so much stuff in. I dont know if you remember this game "Ogame". In this game you just play until you lose all your fleet. Losing it it feel like get out of prison. Snowball efect in games have to be a balance it. If 50 players claim most of the lands and wealth. There will be no new player. And the only reason why those 50 player still play is just to have things. But everybody want more players. Everybody knows this is game design.
  13. I disagree. Back when I played. There was no tutorial. You just start game in start city. And go nothing was explain at all. Tho it was more players than now. My second playtime when it was with tutorial a lot of islands and full or fances. Back than 10 euro was super expensive for me. Eventually when I paid for 1 month to use boat it was taken away by GM so I quit. My friends quit aswell. Sub price is a bit like Taxes. It has to be balanced. Lower price will bring more players. Higher price will choke down numbers of players. + snowball effect. Less player = even less players to play. Even less people to pay. There are dozens games with 500 players with even higher sub prices. But there are also a games that are "free to play" Tho avarage player spend more money in those games than any subs games. Edit. Wurm Unlimited it was something I dont understand until now. It just kill pop even more. If someone can explain me why they did Wurm Unlimited Edit 2 About complexicity. Eve Online is much more complex than Wurm online. And even tho this game is bad in many aspect imo and currenlty trying to milk some money out of it. It still has quite healthy pop
  14. This release on Steam its a great chance. I asked as many ppl to come and join playing. But I know most of them will stop because of grind and premium cost. Freedom servers are dead to new players long time ago. Old players are superior landlords. So Steam servers will be a chance to bring a new players
  15. If you asking for steam yea. Release its announce for Friday 24/7/2020.
  16. Game balance make them do things. Simply some task for rich players are waste of time. So more efficient is for them to pay players. I guess it can stablise over time. But Lauch for every mmo in history is most important time. Players population drop very quickly first few months. Main issue in this game was too small population always
  17. But those people will have a limited amount of silver at start right? I think we can buy 10 silvers = 1 month for 13 Euro? Which means overall it will be small amount of silver in game. But price of month will be the same. That means those new players will be unable to get enough silver for thier work to pay a sub. What I want. I want Rich players (in real life) to pay real money into a game. Pay poor players for ingame service. So they can safe thier precious time on things they want more. And yes its in a game right.Now But it wasnt and I think its still not enough balance in to keep population high. Which make game dead all the time. Start of the server is very important. It should be boosted up. To keep as many player as possible. Game was always forward old players. Who been granted gifts and game balance is forward them for years. Which make population problem bigger and bigger.
  18. I dont remember those things to be easy to sell. Yea dirt yes. But bricks planks even digging ppl prefered to do on own to skill up. Dirt is a different as some projects need a lot of it and while being on such project you are most likely skilled digger.So you just need dirt. While bricks and planks are not need in such amounts. Remember it will be a fresh start. People will not build 20km2 fancy house for 10th time. So everybody will be skilling up. So there will be little way to get silver. After some time yes. But until then Population need to stay high enough. So I still think for first month or few it should remain free. To bring more players. So lords can develop and pay peasant silvers for thier hard work.
  19. About lands claim. Its unhealthy. People claim a big lands which are dead. I had to travel with friends across lands with no players just fances. It should be balance it. So big lands only make sense if there is a lot of active players. I log back to wurm. And I see a big buildings with a lot of land. And there is 0 players. It just minecraft where you can show off to others :D. I think thats a fate of PvE. Which is fine. I understand some players just want build fancy houses. And have peace. It just doenst feel natural. Logically doesnt make sense. And make game a town of ghosts.
  20. This 30 skill up. Its a new. Back when I played. I did skillup above 20 while premium.Once run out. they were capped at 20. Which was a big deal. As alot of things was only possible at 24 or 26. I think boat stuff etc mind 21 was for boat i think So thats good.
  21. 1. 100% creation chance. Thats sound better i guess. Quality is still very important factor? If I create item of quality 20-30 how much inferior will be to 80-90? 2. What was a difference between Epic and freedom servers in skill ratio? 3. For me 10euro now its nothing. But for a lot of players yes. And we need a lot of players. And lets be honest for majority players this game its not AAA game. Most people will give very little chance to this game. Especially with such price. 3. I think it was possible to pay with 10 silvers right? Last time remember on Epic. I had 10silvers. But I also remember how stupid it worked. If Im wrong correct me. I remember crafting just 1 item all the time. So Later I just go to NPC trader and try. To sell to him. If he had coins then he buy it. But thats not a way to do it. One of best example I can came up with its wow Classic atm. So players at high lvls they have more gold. Same in Wurm you have high skill you craft high quality and sell for more. And now those new players or players who dont have much time to play. They fill gap in markets. Those low lvls in wow farm low lvl mats which are in need and always will. If you now decide to start playing wow. You can became rich and afford sub. By filling gaps in market. This come back to my first issue with skill ratio at some professions. I will stick to those apple. Why would high lvl player bother to go and harvest all his apple tress. It should be more efficient for him to pay a new player to do this for him. And He focus on selling or produce something from apples
  22. 1. That's not encouraging. Imo some skills should be changed. Im fine with grind. But even for me its too slow for some skills. But most players will be not acceptable 2. I played with two different friends. Each of us had bad experiance. I assume it depends if you cross a GM property. But yea its most unfair experinance from GM for us. In Most games GM dont care to do anything. 3. Multi story buildings what it is :D? And Rifts ? 3.5 I heard about fatigue system is that new? 4. I think skill cap should be increased to 30 atleast. Especially for primary stats. I think game start with almost 20 body etc. Price it self is too high. WoW sub its same price. It should be possible to atleast pay with in game work. But this would require a healthy population on the servers. 1-3 Months trials should be given for start of the game. imho
  23. Yea It wasn't because I clicked enter by mistake while typing . I did ask questions. Just check first message. Its Edited
  24. Hi. Last time I played wurm it was 2014. Now I would like to come back to wurm online on steam. To be more prepered I would like ask a few questions to players who played since 2014 until now. But first I will explain why I quit the game in 2014. To respect your time I did short version. If you dont want waste time on reading long story. Short Version 1th - Unfair GM 2th - Unfair GM - Landlords all over a world 3th - No players (many reasons) Long Version 1th Timeplay I played wurm almost since launch. Where most items were bags with question marks. It was pve small island I think it was later change to noob island. On that server I played quite awhile. On that island not far from my base I found unfinished rowing boat. Which missed all parts. Since Start unfinished rowing boat was extream task. ( I need to have two fallen try combine together to start boat and it has like 4% chance and each failour require me to cut new trees) I just use this unfinished boat. I finish building which takes me so many hours. Then I went for a trip. However laster on like a week. I couldnt find my boat. I did contant with GM. He said he take away a boat. Because I steal it from someone. And It was againts rules on that server. I explain to him what happend. He said he doesnt care. He said on boat its someone else name. Back then who ever start unfinished boat it will be his name on it regardless if he put any material to start building it. I was very upset about. But I decide to keep playing. Then shortly after. I log in to find out my whole base was robbed. I contact with GM and he said. He didnt found any tracks so yea I will not get back my stuff. Then I rage quited game 2th Timeplay It was few years later. I decide to play with friend on PvE server. I think it was independence. First thing we notice in game . Its Landlord game now. every inch of land is claimed and covered with fances. We had to travel a very far distance. To find any unclaimed land. We died few times in process and lost so much time. While I was coming back from spawn point to our base about 2h travel. I found a small island with cart on it. I peek in to check whats inside. And I found few usefull items. And one of them was legendary 2h sword with frostbite dragon slayer. I was oh cool. We can kill spiders in our base and finnaly dont need to die every few hours. So we did. We killed spiders and start building house. After few days. Someone whisper me to give him sword back. I said I dont have any sword. Which was a lie. Then I pass it to My friend. Then he after few mintues said my friend has it. He teleported to us kill my friend and take sword. We ragequit game. And decide to never come back. 3th Timeplay I decided to play again this time on Epic. And I found this quite nice. Because of faster skill ups. I join guild. And I played a bit with them. Until population drop to 10 ppl at server. Eventually n1 play anymore. So I quit Questions Skilling rates are the same like (like 2th which is like 2012-2013) ? That's one of biggest reasons.Why most people quit game. While some skill ups time make sense BlackSmith i.e but other such as ?Forestry" doesn't why I need harvest an apple 500times to make a decent quality apple :D? Does that many any sense to you? GM's will be corrupted ? Small games have this issue less populated servers. Wurm Unlimited isnt that much different. Those Private servers belong to GM. Same on Public those GM played on public and use power for own benefit. While not helping others accordingly to code. What are Major Changes since 2014-2020? All I notice is just more food more walls more chairs. It seems like game was redesign to be second minecraft. I know a game creator was working with Notch from minecraft. I assume He was very unhappy to see. How his project is so financially unsuccsefsul compare to Minecraft. So Im afraid that main focus now its to make it minecraft mmo. It wasn't original idea. I want play pvp with pve. I dont want make house and fancy chairs. PvP make game interactive. Without it population will drop again. Wurm Online on Steam will have subscription? I hope not. I wish to bring as many friends into a game. But this 10 euro per month for such a game its waay to much for majority players.
  25. Its been years Since I came back to this game. Game improved since then. But I feel Like I dont have enough of control power. I wish we had an option to run/sprint for a short period of time that cost stamina. In reality people with full plate armour they run and jump. It require more stamina. But It wast anything special to run in armour. Its not only to speed up a most boring part of a game which is walking. But also it gives a more control for a player. Player can decide when its good time to run when not. If he run in wrong time he will be punished. Same like going into a water without stamina. While running its simple and it doesnt take much to implement to game. However Jumping its againts current game design. A lot of small fances would became even more irrational with possiblity to jump.