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  1. Ok but If im A champion I m way stronger with Hate than Insanity. I wouldnt say its underpowered. But if someone is Champion its very underpowered compare to hate as long as long remain Champion
  2. OK but in case when Im a champ Gone it's useless for me unless im not Champ. So the best optimization is being a champ of Fo or Libila with Hate path. Being a champ with Gone its pointless. Being Mag champ with Hate cant use all 50%self buff cuz already have 25% Champion=Gone useless..?
  3. Dont know how to edit title. But if you became Champion Gone became useless way more. Atleast guy here says its 4%
  4. ""Shield of the Gone has been reduced to a 30% Damage reduction. An option to transfer one time from Path of Insanity will come in a future update. "" It doesn't specify it 50% heal reduction was reduced to 30% along with dmg reduction? Also After that nerf Insanity seems to be quite useless. This is pretty much one usefull skill in path. While Hate patch have 4 usefull. And Spell immunity gives immunity to ench on weapons. Aura Flame as example with 100power doing 1/3 total dmg. Lets say some hit for 100dmg + 30dmg from flame frost etc. its 130 -30 dmg from ench. Shield of gone would take 39 dmg almost the same amount. plus spell immunity gives well spells immunity life transfer etc. And all of this without heal reduction. And another 3 usefull abbilities. This make Insanity quite useless. Same for Magranon ppl will turn into Fo for healing becasue they will have no heal reduction anymore. And they dont need Magranon 25% dmg to not waste 25% from Hate buff. Becasue They doesnt stack. So Combo Magranon+Insanity its bad now. And Magranon have to change for Fo + Hate/Love in some cases
  5. GM help me. Just Jawartroot kill my JawarTroot XD
  6. I will start from this to have 3 accounts. -- 1st is my main account i created it on golden vallay 2st i make new account on freedom isles Inpedence Nick name Is JawarTroot 3st i make again new account on freedom isles in Inpedence nick name Jawartroot --- with the first account does not have problems but for the next two come together . these are two other accounts. But the logs on the same character. which any change in your account. Creates a change in the second character of the account JawarTroot ceased to exist. the problem is with this character, it received a key to the ship. This ship is still on inpedence the hole port. Name Ship is JawarTroot. But when i logg in on JawarTroot account i see my nick on local Jawartroot nick from other account. Wants inseparable Siamese brothers I'm not interested Jawartroot younger brother. If it interferes JawarTroot older brother he may completely disappear