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  1. Full epic reset. Fresh start, major rebalances.
  2. @here economic report November (little late) player banks = 2g 63s 28c 31i (2632831 irons) Deed upkeep = 1g 62s 1c 31i (162031 irons) Kings Coffers = 57s 58c 25i (575825 irons) total wealth of the server = 4g 31s 7c 87i (4310787 irons) Net increase = 36s 50c 44i No deed add and money for being online added has created a slow increase in money supply.
  3. Jock-Today at 6:57 PM @here Economic Report Deed upkeep = 63s 98c 12i (639814 irons) Player banks total =2g 17s 91c 79i (2179179 irons) kings coffer = 1g 12s 67c 50iron the total wealth of the server = 3g 94s 57c 43i (3945743 irons) Net Decrease = 90s 90c 10i (909210 irons) More deeds planted and the lower player count has caused this loss of money. This balance allows the shifting population and gold flow to equal out time, preventing excessive inflation or deflation.
  4. Personally, i think they are missing a trick, they are opening freedom to epic accounts. Why not turn epic into 1-2 years fresh start cluster. where it open sup and allows people to transfer with some ###### to freedom (chaos gets new pvpers of relative power comparison) and epic gets a clean slate. The best time epic ever was at the start. EVERYONE loved the start of epic and the first year was pretty lively.
  5. On my WU server i have create new properties for 2 of the standard metals to both lessen the gap between glimmer/addy and add more value to metalurgy. Bronze weapons have 5% swing timer. Steel has 5%bonus damage. Both have cause a large increase in the production of weapons and more people doing metalurgy. Little things like this can change the game. However, the biggest issue with wurm is the lack of solid item sinks. People keep occumulating, then eventually a deed pops and someone collects all that stuff. Redistrubites it rinse and repeat.
  6. Wyvern Mods

    Once again, savage work sindusk.
  7. You could just make an non decaying lava spider layer. As a temp solution.
  8. personally with how fast you can create in WU it be better to juat straight up delete the woodscrap.
  9. Mining does not yield maps. set the chance to 1:1 and no maps, digging works etc
  10. it prevents the client from rendering the trees visually on your screen but they are still their just invisible.
  11. Thank you, the spyglass option of zoom would be good to have once again.
  12. i would love to see this mod expanded to offer increasing the difficulty at set levels e.g. 50, 70 and 90 skill
  13. Jock-Yesterday at 3:58 AM @here Economy update Kings coffers = 5 gold, 83 silver, 89 copper and 16 iron (5838916 irons). Total Player Banks = 55 silver, 32copper, 59 iron (553259 irons) Total Village Upkeep Funds = 28 silver, 29 copper and 96 iron (262996 irons) Total Finacial Wealth of the Server stands at = 6 gold, 65 silver, 51 copper and 71 irons(6655171 irons) (Note *5 gold added when beta ended for player growth) Net Increase of 4 gold, 85 silver, 49 copper and 53 iron (4854953) To often servers ignore the value of money, with many players having banks full of gold. We track the amount of gold in our economy and release these updates monthly so everyone else can see how much we track and manage our economy and where they fit into it. As you can see we have a slow drain of money from the economy, 15 silvers have left the economy during beta We have added 5 gold to allow for player growth and deed's being planted and expect this to drain down until more players begin doing treasure maps and the pvp server is added to the cluster. Until then we can manually manage the economy to prevents hyperinflation.