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  1. Over the years dominate and rebirth have been reduced in their effectiveness and uses. Dominate has had the removal to dominate uniques,Oferring not even with the slightest chance of sucess (leaving only the crown). Along side the removal of some creatures e.g. No grumps. Rebirth has also has similar nerfs to a similar effect. For spells that have been the pinnacle representative of their respective god's for a long time, I feel they have fallen flat. 2 buffs I suggest: 1.Dominate can now equip and remove gear from trolls e.g. huge axes etc With the ability to train up creatures skills this offers a long term. Breed and priests to create advantage pets for pve and PvP. Offering more opportunities to experiment and adapt against the enemy. Plus an expansion on to existing content for players 2. Rebirth has this option already to equip zombie but lacks any longevity and consistency. Often taking time or luck to find a pet for PvP. Changing how zombie bodies decay offering a small window to rebirth the creature again. Rather than having 10 damage they take 3 damage an hour. Giving a 3 hour window to recycle your zombie allow you to create stock ready for PvP if you keep the cycle going. As they are new and fresh they will not gain skills and would be in the same weakened state as they first started. Zombies killed not by timing out should not be recyclable.
  2. +1. I am all for bonus to rares being larger but I would suggest their chance to be created should be lowered To reflect this. 5% extra an is fine per rarity. +1 per level of rarity for creation/resources are fine but should always remain a flat +1 not slope off as they reach 100. So many ways to get high ore now.
  3. I don't think you understand or know about Klaa.
  4. Just so you know Klaa is always winning this thread.... You just can't see him do it.
  5. Better yet give bridges a range of slopes that can be used maxing out at 30 adjustable prior to creation.
  6. I always thought that tower conquering was a stupid mechanic with so few real uses other that a system to abuse. I understand the fear of some kingdoms spliting for more titles. This issue is only due to the insanely low land requirements to get some insanely powerful bonuses in the form of titles. 2% is far to small, personally I think it should be more than doubled to 5%. Land ownership needs to become more valuable. At this level many would be at least 7% to have a safety net. If not they threaten loosing the use of titles before any major PvP. It would then come to mounting defences across much more spread land allowing for a wider range of tactics to split up enemies etc. Increasing PvP opportunity and reinforcing the requirement to have several deeds wardeeds/outpost's further adding to the value of land and increasing the investment required.
  7. Going back quite a few years there was a period when kingdoms could ally. Restore the ability for kings to forge alliances with other kings. Allying(or vasaling) with a Default kingdom should give you access to use their home server. In the event of a breaking of alliance, the deed holder can convert immediately or disband for a full refund. (I recommend 1-2 week cool down between creation and breaking of alliances). (Fleeting thought) Land held by a kingdom should have some effect on alliance to "limit" big kingdoms allying everyone. Instead they can vassalise. Why it was removed It was originally a BL and MR alliance, I know this because I negotiated the alliance. It was the found to be to strong due to 2 factors. 1. Bl and Wl priests working together. This is no longer an issue as all spells are spread out via player made god's. 2. There was only 3 kingdoms, even though at the time JK where beyond on top with their set up. The alliance immediately turned the fight around due to sheer volume of player and as such they had no one else to ally. PMK changed this by allowing potentially near limitless number of kingdoms. Other good reasons why: -Reinventing diplomacy in wurm, add in a mechanic to allow players to straight up band together against stronger or weaker foes. We have all had and heard of kingdoms working together or calling in a back door etc. This can offer a diverse and shifting landscape of alliances. -insentive to make a pmk as you are not alone, you can forge alliances (added bonus of the money sink/gold purchase increases). The biggest weaknesses to a pmk is you have no home server, you are alone and can be destroy. This offers more opportunities to survive. -wider use of the PvP maps via creation of new PMKs. -A better community. With alliance in place strong friends can form, diplomatic relations become something to consider. The effect of action may be more than words but the end of your kingdom. Discuss and scrutinize.
  8. comic relief

    Everyone loves jock
  9. Going back many years there was a mechanic implemented to allow enemy kingdoms to ally. This would allow them to fight together as non aggressivses so spells and deed gaurds wouldn't hurt or attack the now ally. A mod to bring this back and allow the forging of alliances between enemy kingdoms. Kings should be the only ones capable of creating alliance.
  10. Do you know the Dr of each mask or where it can be found?
  11. Finally having access to my account again. I may or may not have forgotten what email I linked it to. Anyway, having read this thread and taken alot of it in. I will be renting a dedicated server for the purpose of trialing and implementing some of the discussed ideas in a WU world. Hoping to attain to 3 server attached in a PvE-Home server-PvP. The principle is to create a Less direct and timely moving of goods from pvp to pve with a transitional Enemy homeserver(s).
  12. If you haven't read this thread yets you should. This server in does not fit my playstyle as a PvP ###### but the sheer volume of content and the level of commitment I see here that bdew has created, managed and released for free makes even my stubborn head want to try here(I. When I return home). Straight up +1 Read it! No really, read it!
  13. Bump