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  1. mac launch

    when i open the wurm launcher, it says its updating 9 out of 10 times but when it does says updating, its doing nothing, what am i overooking?
  2. mac update

    was wondering when the mac update is coming? Tried several times to log in and kept being blocked, checked website to reload client launcher and it said the mac download was coming soon.
  3. would like to add my deed, Dragns Keep to map, coords are 1007, -7295 Thanks hitcore
  4. I was wondering if there is a Mac version of WO and WU? if yes please send link, if not, then that is my suggestion then. I have MacBook Pro and would like to play them when on the go.
  5. 2 questions, 1. if you decide to ceclare indipendance on a pvp server, does the gaurd tower change with deed (it's on deed)? 2. is there a way to change a kingdom flag and banner?
  6. mod use

    Have a Question, Installed mods saturday and now lost the fight window pop down (the 1 of the char with swords around it) when i attack or being attacked. It was there before i did the mods and now its gone, is there something I'm missing or overlooking like a setting or something? Re did the mods install and even reinstalled WU
  7. Was wondering if there's a way to transfer a deed to a alt? since you can only have 1 char on at a time. would like to free up my main char to go do something else
  8. crashing

    Ever since the update that took place about a hour ago, I can not log in now, I keep crashing. any suggestions?
  9. Exodus Deed Map

    southport ay x29, y50 no longer exsists. please add Pandora's Fields to x34, y47
  10. I'm on exodus and need 3k dirt delivered at y37, x33 area. contact hitcore on exo
  11. will settle for 30s and a form
  12. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bxvma8gq9rxup7c/wurm.20130616.1610%20%281%29.jpg
  13. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bxvma8gq9rxup7c/wurm.20130616.1610%20%281%29.jpg