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  1. Hi. thanks for this great mod! I use a vps with debian 9 and SSH to establish connection.. I cannot to do work properly the mod at the moment...any suggestion?: WurmMapGen v2.3.3 Developed and maintained by woubuc Based on original code by garrett94 More info: Properties file: /home/steam/Steam/wu/mods/WurmMapGen-v2.3.3/ Template directory: /home/steam/Steam/wu/mods/WurmMapGen-v2.3.3/template Generating map tiles: 99 %Generated 16 map tiles in 100250ms Template asset files copied Rendered index.html Created config.json Created config.php WARN Mod support database not loaded Database connections closed Connection closed Temp directory deleted Map generated in 101016 ms
  2. Thanks. but what I tried to mean (possibly I not explained correctly) is how to stopped creatures as gm.
  3. Hello everyone is it possible stop a creature on a determinate tile or appoint it to a determinate perimetter ?
  4. Hello everyone!! Any way to set a indestructible admin area (with buildings into it) without have to set tile by tile and wall by wall and click permissions "indestructible" or protect the area.... I cannot see a focus option to make this in "create focus zone" menu. know a way about it would be of great utility for me Thanks!!
  5. At the for me too!! With the mod loaded, I deactivated the treasure chest server feature I shutdown the server Delete all treasure chest form database Init the server reactivate treasure chest feature restart the server Thanks (Also GM´s can see the claim action )
  6. I tested with locked chests (according to database) ummm although I think my test is not enough objetive, because I did it as GM.. @bigsteve Thanks anyway!
  7. Hello bdew and thank you for your work. If I understanding how does work "chestclaim" mod, should appear a "claim" action when I do right click in a random treasure chest with a lock, but although the mod seems well instaled and it´s loaded when start the server ..when I check the treasure chest, "claim" action doesn´t appear for me and for my players. There is the last log file form my server, in case it was useful , (I underline the logs that I think most important about chest mod.) I also try to delete all old chest from database and reset them..but nothing. Thanks in advance
  8. ummm...almost..... Then we can say that is impossible hold them on a determinate place or zone right?
  9. Any way to put a unique creature in to a closed instance and that it does not break the walls? Managing walls permission with GM and make them indestructibles does not work. thank you
  10. Hi all. I activated on my server (pve,fredoom, non epic) random treasure chest function...I wondered if each time that one Ive be found it, a new chest are spawned randomly, or maybe restart the server are necessary or..."Seems" that after first players found a lot of them, does not respawn again. ¿Anyone knows how does this exactly work? thanks in advance
  11. uao ...thanks for your time, very usefull sugestions..and really I would not have thought of these...
  12. Any suggested event which I could proclame for 4 or 5 players who play on server from 1 month ago aprox (mostly newbies on wurm). I was thinking on summon a unique, but I think players are not enough stronger... Any suggestion is very welcome! Thanks!
  13. Just out of curiosity...are you spawn them through Lairs?