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  1. GM Toggle

    I find myself often having to switch between player and GM mode via a DB edit because I use a non local host. It would be nice to have an option on the ebony wand or the like to be able to toggle your status so switching doesn't require a server restart and DB edit. (You can already change from a GM to a player by using the wand on a settlement token, just no way back that I can find.)
  2. One of my first thoughts was a dereth map, very cool.
  3. I stopped playing WO awhile ago, so one of the first things I did was 'restore' my stats in WU.
  4. Where would I go to edit this in the DB? It is all still rather new to me.
  5. Doesn't work. I seem to have all the other aspects, just no wand. I've tried restarting the server numerous times, reloggings, etc. No wand appears, and I've checked my character, inventory, and backpack. Is there no alternative way aside from it auto spawning, since that evidently isn't working for me? I can't edit my inventory, or spawn it through a command line?
  6. So I have edited the database to set me as a dev (5), but whenever I log in while it adds me to the gm channels, I never have the wand in my inventory, which is frustrating because I would like to spawn a trader, Am I missing something here, is there a command or trick to have it spawn in your inventory?