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  1. Hens following rooster and chickens following hens. Lead rooster and move him thru gate (locking it after he pass it) to move away distracting elements.
  2. What about other big ships ? does they still stuck at entrances every time ?
  3. Adding confirmation appropriate only if devs will add possibility to sell more than 1 item at time. Now you need to activate item and right click trader and click "sell" so it's 4 clicks just to sell 1 item (hotkey and 2 clicks if you use container and belt). With confirmation it will be 5 clicks and trading for 5 coppers will take almost half of hour.
  4. Another nerf to Mag priests First they make aosp available for everybody and now we lose last unique usefull spell. I've spended months to make my priest alt and now they took away last possibility to earn something with it.
  5. Deli cave canal from mystic lake to nightmare lake will be passable by all ships but now still not finished
  6. In Wulf's den to New haven tunnel the was never gold nor silver veins - only iron, 1 copper, tin, zink and 1 lead vein.
  7. Raise in concrete slope cap from 26 to 41
  8. +1 Also dirt amount may be limited not only by ql but by player's body str (same as having heavy items in inventory itself) - it's logical because you need to pull it up by rope.
  9. Skill caps (soft or hard) is the worst thing for such games - many players prefer to play as hermits after they got enough skills and implementing such cap will only lead to lowering player base and increasing number of alts (for those players who decide to stay in wurm)
  10. I wanna first part - ability to fast remove vein (maybe at cost of not getting ore)
  11. In one of last patches bug with concrete use thru dirt was fixed. As far as i know devs started to look into that only when it was used at WL and affected pvp somehow. But that was the only possibility to shape rock bed that's deep underwater or on slope more than 26. I understand that it was bug but why when fixing it devs doesn't give us possibility to make such things legally ? There was suggestions on forum about that ( but devs think more about pvp than all others and just prevented abuse of bug (that was the only solution for some cases). Some of players will just say "who cares ?" but for me this means messed project on which i've spended 2 years. I've started to play this game only because you can play it without any form of pvp and it won't limit you in any way. But all last changes was pvp oriented and all pve players was like discarded when decision about changing something happens.
  12. Why devs didn't exclude such affinities from list ? I can't find my affinity for 2 years already - opened all skills except 3 that mentioned above.
  13. Now face tracking not needed - it scans brainwaves itself