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  1. I didn't returned. I never intend to use the forums again, considering the reactions I got on a honest contest with a generous prize. I just logged to allow the prize to the legit winner. Don't expect to hear from me again on forums.
  2. As also said by Roame, the contest winner (well consolation prize of 10 euros or 10 silver) was: GLOMBY with this submission Will contact the winner to discuss if he prefers the prize in silver coins or euros. Please close this thread since it is totally useless, since the winner was selected in the original thread, according to the original rules.
  3. The contest came to an end and, according to the rules as they were clearly defined in the original post, the winner selected counting the valid votes, is: GLOMBY with this submission Will contact the winner to discuss if he prefers the prize in silver coins or euros.
  4. Well, than what you ask is a much bigger change than just multi char account - you want more action, less grind game. Well, thete are many other ones like that out there. I like WURM how it is.
  5. You miss an important thing - there you can only log one character at a time. If you want to log them at the same time, you need two different account there too.
  6. I think you're making one mistake. I think we both agree with a few things: - Rolf wants to recirculate a certain percent of money spent on deeds in the system - while the exact numbers vary by deeds being set up / disbanded, the value should be identical in both systems, otherwise the economy will be messed up and CC would end up losing money - so the only think you may aim to achieve is to distribute the same pool of money among more players Now a traders gives around 5s per month (varies from month to month and server to server, but that's a good estimation). And yeah, I know that looking at the most vocal and hardcore players, it may look like almost everyone, has at least a trader, but if you take in consideration all players (and more exactly all characters), I'm sure that for every trader there are at least five characters without a trader. So this means that without changing the total pool, the individual pool would be something around 1s per month. So quite a bit of work for devs, quite a few unhappy people, and hardly anyone excited for the option to earn 1s per month. Why not just KISS and just spread the money in a more simple way: - suggestion one: just give 1s for every premium purchase from shop (equal money distibution to all premium players without more NPC selling which kills the sandbox aspect) - suggestion two: just make it easier to sell to token (like no need to carry corpses to token, but just get the coins when burying) and remove the limit per hour with a limit per day (this will favorize your exact targeted category) - suggestion three: keep traders, but make the share they get dependant of number of premium players on a deed, actually encouraging communities to form; this will let anyone have a trader, it will still make anyone a profit after a while, but at dunno 2s per month that will take 18-24 months, so won't really be such a deal; at the same time a big active deed with 10+ premium citizens, could get 15s per month, paying for deed maintenance and the town's priest premium
  7. I organized such events in other games and to avoid any scam fears, I used a different strategy, something that could be checked by anyone at any time - something connected with a RL event - like instead of a /roll, just say that the winning number is the third number from a RL lottery draw frim next day/weekend. Then anyone can check the result even if they were not on at drawing time. Other ideas: last two digits of an exchange rate, of a stock value - anything that can't be predicted in any way and that is easily verifiable. Yes, being trusted helps, but I'm an a$$ - I don't trust people and people don't trust me, so I always tried to find solutions where trust should not be a factor, but the info would come from an external third party which is totally under any doubt.
  8. Yes, it's a bug; they said they are working on it. 1. You can use enchanted grass (that holds a lot) 2. You can plant crops (that resist more than grass). 3. You can plant steppe (yes is ugly and about equally efficient as grass, but very easy to gather). 4. Even if left with no food/grass, bisons or horses don't die in one or two days; so as long as you log dunno 2-3 times per week they'll be fine. So it looks like overdrama for a mechanic they are still working on. And PS - if you need to spend so much time on chores, maybe it would be wise to downsize... you know just keep what you actually need.
  9. Xanadu

    Probably different skill sets. Can't really ask a graphician to fix code bugs, a programmer to fix server / network load / bottlenrcks or a server admin to help with graphic models. Not to mention that a PR officer or a financial advisor can't help with any of them. AFAIK we have: - graphic designers - client programmers - server side programmers - sys admin(s) - PR specialists Different jobs, different skills, different thing to work on.
  10. If those questions mean what I think they mean (as in if your walls on perimeter in water zone make them safe, the answer is a bit more complex than this. While indeed it is not possible to bash a wall or use a catapult while on a ship, is not a big issue for someone really wanting to break in to just raise a 1x1 tile of dirt from water either near your wall, either at a distance and finish a catapult on that tile. Yes, unlikely to happen, but totally possible, and not very hard either.
  11. Sorry to contradict a head GM, but afaik answer is NO, they can't be break down (mined down). Theoretically is possible with mag disintegrate spell but even that is very luck dependent (a 100 power cast would only have 10% to disintegrate said wall). So while not entirely safe, reinforced walls are as safe as possible to make it unworthy for anyone to try to break in unless they really have a live goal in doing so.
  12. You're late, bro! I PMed him for two earlier.
  13. +1 for reducing minimum perimeter to one or two tiles only (yeah I loved the example with properties on both sides if a highway). -1 for anything else giving more rights over perimeter and people wanting to treat perimeter as deed - that area is just a buffer (free perimeter) or reserved land for future expansions (paid perimeter)
  14. I have mixed thoughts and feelings about that. I advocated the removal of legal enclosures because I thought that is unfair for someone to grab huge chunks of lands for free, eventuslly forcing people who legitimately want to deed to move farther and farther away. And to a degree donut houses would achieve just that, so first tendency was to be against them too. However, after a second thought, I realized that building a 8x8 donut house (or most likely a 7x7) would claim a relatively small area of land (6x6 or 5x5 on inside), but would require quit a bit of work and resources. I see people doing some of these, but not many. So I really don't see a big harm because of them. On the other hand, I can hardly see why anyone would really need big houses outside deed. By the time someone reach the level to build big houses is presumed they can determined they love the game and it's worth to support the deed they love by paying for a deed.