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  1. Sold to LionIX. PM me to arrange sale.
  2. Starting Bid: $400 us Increment: $10 us No Reserve No Buyout Sniper protection: 1hr
  3. I have been breeding using the old notion that if the parents die, the siblings are no longer siblings. I must be lucky, as the majority of my births are a straight transfer of traits. (that is, if there is an undocumented lineage that persists...) I've been doing it wrong and getting the right results.
  4. Update: Emote is broken if you have something in your inventory activated. When nothing is activated (green), emote works. Appears all emotes affected, not just Smile.
  5. -1. This is Wurm, and this practice has been deemed acceptable by Rolf and company. The time-sink that Wurm is should have an actual value on the character itself. +1 to Name change on transfer or sale. Reputations are not for sale. (Tho I bet several would like to get rid of theirs.) If it's a new owner, they should build their own reputation.
  6. Noticed that the smile emote was not working, and as a consequence, my wurm assistant not getting the critter updates. Will test again once servers come back. Mal Update: Smile emote works until {some other action}, after which it stops working. Trying to nail it down.... Update: Emote is broken if you have something in your inventory activated. When nothing is activated (green), emote works. Appears all emotes affected, not just Smile.
  7. Not literally a cigarette.. just an added effect for the flames. One can make their own conclusions.
  8. Server downtime is a dangerous thing, which allows me to post useless suggestions... like... After breeding Hell Horses, I think they should "smoke"... because just because. Thoughts?
  9. Hey Aldur, Great app. Your work is very much appreciated! Q: (tl:dr entire thread) Is there a known issue when updating a critter that it does not recognize the Father and mother no longer exist? Or, was this fixed and I didn't notice? Thanks! Mal
  10. Will still need steel for my 95ql pick... and HiQL steel plate armor will still be a thing.. so I will keep grinding. /sigh
  11. WTS 95QL Studded Leathers - Bring your checkbook.
  12. 95.29QL - <snip> 1.6s per 100 - 100 Available I will take these. What would be the postage?
  13. Maybe not so far as a rift-type event, but I do get your meaning. To be fair, I've seen open invites for participation in some Release unique kills, but closed loot. So ya get a bit of blood and scale for your efforts. /shrug. There used to be public kills / public loot, but I suppose that's history. Welcome to the new, less populated Wurm. I don't like cartels or cliques or whatever you want to call them either. But I frankly do not care. That's not my game. If I were to be included, then I invite self-loathing.

    NO! 15 Slope!!! EVERYTHING 15 SLOPE! ... naw, I got ya.

    LOL... um... mildly OCD and easily irritated by such things.

    Hey Release! Have you ever been on a hunting trip and have to navigate around some long-dead badly terraformed area? Tired of rifts landing on ridiculous steeps? I have been spending some time returning the Western Steppe back to its former hunting glory. It's a great alternative to staring at a forge, and makes for a good stamina/strength builder. My next target is the often-used rift area on the map below: I would like to return it all to sand, easing the slopes to where one can easily ride across the whole area. slopes transitioning from 5, to 10, to 15, and to 20 if we must. 1-lane roads to nowhere removed Perimeters are safe, as well as established groves and natural forests.. Wild growth will become sand. Sand not used in restoration is up for grabs after the job... I have no claim to it. Doing this alone is fine, but I'd like to see what a good number of shovels can do! PM me in-game.. let me know if you need a shovel... Food and water provided. Likely time would be 8:00pm(MDT) tonight (8/25/17), but will join any group more than 3 if I'm available. Malokai
  17. Please fill order: whetstone, QL100 BOTD93: 1s 8c pelt, BOTD91: 95c (what QL is this pelt? will buy if 100ql) iron lump, BOTD94: 1s 16c Also need custom cast of BotD on a Supreme file, 93QL. Looking for 90+, target 95 or better if possible. What is your channeling skill, and price for such a cast? I also have many 100QL pelts for credit if you do that. Thanks!
  18. Rift 8/185/17 Server Open Date Estimated Start Time Last Rift Length Release 2017-08-16 10:43 AM 2017-08-18 10:43 AM 03:44:09 (MDT) Mal