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  1. I'm not sure if this will work, but have an idea. First of all, you can remove a door from the house permissions, so it will have separate permissions applied to it. Do this. Create an alt, and give it ownership/permissions to the portcullis that you want sealed. Problem solved??? Like I said, I dunno if it would work or not.
  2. 3.5s for the Rare Bow, if you can CoD it to Edrid.
  3. There is no reason for this that I can think of. -1
  4. I like this, and I've always wished for Brick walls in wurm (pottery bricks?) +1
  5. First of all, I'd like to point out that I'm coming to get mining potions, and will gladly give up any personal chance at other loot if my opinion is taken into consideration. There was a lack of specific information about loot, but it was implied that the tome was open for loot, and that you were debating holding the butchered items. Now you have confirmed that some, (possibly all) are reserved for the organizers. Conveniently changed after everyone is committed to coming, or already there. My advice is for you to make a concrete decision and stick with it. Changes are bad when concerning loot, especially last minute ones. Also, I'm not certain on the specifics of killing it in the mine, with regards to the effect on local range. Perhaps someone more experienced can weigh in on this aspect, but does if affect local range? And therefore, blood distribution to the alts at the boats? If there is a possibility of this, maybe bringing it out of the mine would be a good idea. Thats my 2 cents, and you can feel free to consider my name off any rolls for a tome, as stated above.
  6. Edrid will be there, and assorted alts
  7. Pending the sale to Nineol, I would like to buy the Rare Huge Axe with 92LT on it. If it goes to him, then just disregard CoD to Edrid
  8. Not sure what is left, but if you have a steel shovel with 80+ coc on it, and would take 1s for it, I'd love one, thank you Can CoD to Edrid if available
  9. 1000 favor requirement would require a priest with 90 channelling or higher. So I think that is a bit extreme. For those confused by my statement, the amount of links possible is determined by the target priest's channelling skill. Edit: And a bit more on topic, I'm not really a fan of changing the game to fix one person's bad attitude. However, I also realize that if he is not dealt with, more people will start ninja casting RoS so that he can't ruin it for them. This will cause a chain reaction of bad decisions. The best option I think I've seen so far, would have to be Keggan (not sure if it originates with him) But allowing all followers 24hrs to "apply" for the SB from an altar after someone casts it sounds like a good fix to most of the complaints, past and present.
  10. New Mobs

    I like some of the ideas you guys bring up, I like the idea about them being types of giants. That would make them easy to spot and hunt down, as well as easy to spot and steer clear of if they were aggro. I also like the idea about groups of mobs for a team to handle, that would bring an interesting level of difficulty to it. The idea about them being non-aggro in a manner similar to hell horses is to avoid them preying on the "younger" population that doesn't have 70FS yet. Hell hounds are already griped about a good bit on some servers because they seem overpopulated sometimes. And those are a death sentence to a new player who is too far from safety. I would like to avoid that kind of thing with the mob I have in mind, that said player would have no chance of killing. To the mention of Avatars being what I need... guess I need to go try to kill some! I was under the impression they were just as difficult as a unique. So pardon me for having not tried them. However, they are not as populated as I would like for the kind of mob I have in mind. Keep the ideas coming!
  11. I'll start this right off with my intent: I would like to have mobs in between the strength of trolls and uniques. Such a mob would ideally be designed to need 3-5 people to kill it. The idea here is to get people to work together a little bit without getting the 100 people or so that show up for unique kills. To that end, I'm not sure what to bring to the table to fit those needs. I just think it would be nice to hunt things that you need a small group for. I like working with the people I've made friends with in the game, but hunting with them usually turns into us just killing separate things a few tiles apart. Once you reach 70FS, there isn't a whole lot to challenge you except for maybe champ trolls. (except uniques). Difficult champion mobs are not easy to come by and getting a group to go hunt them doesn't seem to happen. So, I propose something be added to the food chain. However just adding a new mob wouldn't get a group out there, they need to have rewards to it. This wouldn't have to be anything spectacular, in my opinion. Possibly just 5x the amount of items when butchering, as compared to a normal mob, or something of the sort. Another aspect would be the aggro behavior of a creature such as this. In order to create a reason to get a group to hunt with you, it would have to be decently populated on a server. (or maybe by location?) So if that was the case and there were a good amount of them, then it might be a good idea to have them look similar to Hell horses, where they appear hostile, but don't attack you right away. On the subject, but a bit of a tangent would be the Valrei mobs currently on Chaos. Take a breath, PVPers, and don't jump down my throat just because I don't play on your holiest of servers. I've never been to Chaos, and have never fought a Valrei mob. I would imagine that their place in the "food chain" puts them about even with the mob I describe. (tell me how right/wrong this thinking is) I know that Valrei mobs drop special loot. I've never understood why that is restricted to only the pvp server, so if someone actually wants to tell me why that is, in a civilized manner, please educate me. So with all that in mind, would Valrei mobs fit the profile of what I describe? If so, maybe the loot tables could be modified and they could be used on the rest of Freedom? (heresy to suggest it, I know) In conclusion, I simply want something to give people a good reason to hunt in a small group. I think it would benefit people to work together in this manner. Please give some feedback on the idea, I would like to know what people think, besides just a + or - 1.
  12. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon kill went off without a hitch! Thank you to everyone who came to help kill it. Special thanks to Pepofaec, Carrera, Bakhita, and Nineol for decorating the area and making it look great for the gathering. They also donated a good number of horses for fighters to use, Thank you.
  13. I'll take rare rake #4, please, CoD to Edrid