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  1. We had the question and the dream to get a answer. so we did it for science. We now live in a world where this is public knowledge. This is the dawn of a brave new world. AND IF ANYONE, and i say: ANYONE! asks you the question: how far can whales fly? Proud yourself for you know the answer for this crucial question: If you are reading this and also consider yourself a man or woman of science please consider improving our experiment. we need to know how far dead critters and even human corpses can fly. I invite you to post you ammo of choice, trebuchet ql and how far it went.
  2. Prices table & market data 1.0 released. Only high fidelity and tested data released.
  3. Wellcome to GTG! we are a traders guild focused on collecting wurm market data. Our specialities are bulk rares and bulk trading but we are not limited by that. Our main trade is keeping track of supply and demand by keeping record of recurring buyers and sellers. Our main goal is to broke information and connect supply chains thus making business more profitable to the seller, buyer and to us! everybody wins. Warning: Wurm has no automatic trade, its part of the game. All the data here is manualy garthered and wrote down. The only thing that makes this data "valid" it's your own personal trust on our skills to put in on paper. Public data: Click here to consult our public data about market prices! (got info) (b) = Information of buyers for trade (got info) (s) = information of sellers for trade To buy information: contact guild masters or traders. Even if you buy information, We can't make sure you will recive the same price from the buyer/seller as we do. ==================================== || Fixed Traders Guild offers: || ==================================== || Fixed buy offer: Rare Planks 30c || || No need to ask, just COD igoro. || || Fixed sell offer: Sugar beats 1k / 80c || || Contact igoro or xmagnum. || || Fixed sell offer: Dirt 1k / 1s || || we ship 5k+ stocked: 15k || ==================================== Ingame Guild Contacts: Guild masters and timezones: Igoro (GMT-3), Xmagnum (GMT-3). Guild Traders: TBA. Guild Navy for hire: Exists, not taking private contracts yet. ======================================================== Well established markets: (high supply and demand) Bulk planks. rare planks. Small Milk barrels 45kg. Next market being worked on: Bulk Brick market. ======================================================= (other trade markets might grow slowly while we build our databases) Services we provide: (you need to contact guild traders or guild masters ingame for pricing.) Register For high profile buyers and general mass manufacturing: Find instant offers of *mostly* bulk goods to supply your trade. If we don't find stock right away to ship it we will place orders with our registered suppliers. buy ahead: by paying extra fees you can reserve items (ex: rare planks) to be sold to you before anyone else. Prices fluctuate a lot less! Since all our deals are pre-planed by the traders guild. We will automaticly adjust the proper number of suppliers accordingly to your demand. our suppliers interchangeably makes your supply chain safier, stable and predictable! helps to Avoid work interruption to gather raw resources by timing constant flow of resources. Register For Supplier, Guild navy, VIP seller and Guild trader: (might have entrance fees): Our main suppliers wares are already sold before they even finish it! Grind you way into becoming a big supplier and have you wares to sell almost instantly Our navy will be at ready to pickup goods anytime! if you manage to get in the main supply chain you don't have to worry about finding buyers anymore. sell for a fixed contract price that almost don't fluctuate. Become a preferred supplier and a VIP Seller and sell reserve your bulk stock to be sold first. Gain access to information brokers and market trends and be able to switch your prodution to high demand goods. good money for starting players and old players! Also check out our freelance Guild navy carrer. (might have entrance fees) also: if you like selling and buying stuff and fiding new clients: associate with our traders guild and become a guild trader. Planned Future services: Taxi. Private freighting for hire. Private mercenary navy for hire. Private mercenary army for hire. Motto: keep our buyers buying and our sellers selling! Good profits to ya.
  4. Selling my referral for 6s name ingame: Igoro local: independence crystal lake 53x 37y I'm new and I've never sold anything before. if you want to buy the referral help me through the process please.
  5. -= BobbaFrete General Transportation Company =- .:Anything shipped anywhere on freedom servers:. *up to 440 kg (2 loads of 220 kg) and 200 items* (or more. if it fits on containers) * fast traveling on all freedom servers *Nice prices, willing to negotiation * we work with people transportation as well (taxi) Prices Table: - Shipping Price: 60c (local price as well) - per server change: 40c - Taxi service: 25c (and 15c per server change) ***shipping price is the same. no matter how much cargo space you use*** Contact: - forum - Pm: Xmagnum - Pm: Igoro we are open to negotiate prices and more cargo/items space (one more boat) --thank you for using our company--