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  1. We are still alive! 20 Years "House of Kha" and past 9 Years on Wurm - have fun
  2. Hello, i can offer you: 1 rare small cart - 2 s 1 rare chest - 2 s
  3. - 1 we need more player, not more server. at one year every player has his own server
  4. Yes, two packback + leather belt or two satchel + string of cloth + 1
  5. 25: pumpkin shoulder pad leather - 51 ql - 1 s
  6. Remove Nathan-, Tosiek- and Gary-Piests from freedom or add Libila too!
  7. Libila-Priests on freedom, like Tosiek and Nathan.
  8. +1 oh yes, i miss the time (2013) on my little island on chaos, 11 drake-spirit killed all people, guards and animal for 4 days
  9. WTS rare rowing boat 50 ql only 10 silver pick-up deli u12
  10. Some Epic Things

    pvp are dead on epic, pvp-servers need less limitations - not more with the new idea freedom can enter epic (with her skills), many of them will coming and destroy all was building on years. but with time, all going back, because there is no future with this code. there is no playing pvp like old wild. i was one the first player on epic, it makes no fun more. change the code, then some old player coming return ... merge chaos and epic and all have more fun ... please no tourists from freedom on epic. thanks
  11. Please stop saddling a dead horse. Free skilling for freedomer will hurt epic and chaos ...
  12. Good luck with this. Maybe i can help with start, but i stay at Horde.