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  1. Looking for good tailor! Wild and New Kronos is waiting for you!
  2. All in FSB or BSB, why not sprouts? +1
  3. Thanks Ashoof! But I had at the start of Indy ever half a year the town passed Soleure: Long time ago ... :-\
  4. Milking

    +1 Very good idea!
  5. Time for a new small town. Chaos awakens! Like to ask via PM. Sorry for my bad English Info:
  6. Mine door bug

    Well, thank you. I bring my stuff into another cave. ;D
  7. Mine door bug

    Two days ago: Mine it occurs, although support beam. Half of my stock destroyed. Yesterday: Mining door buggy. GM helps them destroyed. New door installed. Today: Mine Door gone, just rock! New entrance created. All reinforced walls now only normal Walls! Morning: If lava from my cave? Or the devil himself? Finds funny, and I will not give up! Addendum: After I entered the tiles, the walls were reinforced again! Mad ^ ^
  8. Chaos suggestion

    OK, Chaos has HotA zones for PvP, why not expand on the whole server?
  9. Chaos suggestion

    On Chaos(Wild) are more players than we think The map is great The distances are not a disadvantage. It is a feature ^^ Sure it is not easy with the many ruins. But I love it! Save the map! Give us PMK-light for little kingdoms, and it goes up again.