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  1. Merchant Khasanna - Camp D - Deli

    New price: 07: hatchet, tin - 90 ql - 1,5 s 29: supreme small barrel, maplewood - 50ql - 3 s New: 30: snowman, statue - 99ql - 75 c
  2. Make Archery Great again

    - 1 Casting spells are short range. Archery are longe range.
  3. Servers down?

    OK, thanks. Server Deli off since 2 hours
  4. Servers down?

    No go: Unexpected crash while playing The error was: <null>
  5. Tower chaining system

    Bad idea - Wurm goes more and more worst Deeds far away have no chance more - give me back Wurm 2009 please!
  6. New Server Hunting Only

    This is epic / Affliction and NOT WU!
  7. Horde of the Summoned - House of Kha

    In December, the clan "House of Kha" is 21 years old. A few months later and we are 10 years in worm. epic/Afflicition The deed "House of Kha" is with this day no longer part of the clan. Please contact Allie for recruiting there. freedom/Chaos Only temporary activity. No deed at this time - no recruiting. freedom/Cele Camp C closed with this day freedom/Deli Camp D is currently the only active deed. Currently no recruiting.
  8. Valrei International. 071

    I wish wurm year 2009 back, no many bugs and lag and more player - have fun More new things are good - more playable are better!
  9. Priest overhaul testing

    Libila dont need mycellium on freedom! And it need not change many code! OK, my account are broken and i have lost most of my skills because i have enter and left chaos and i am libila-priest. Examples altars and libila-spells on freedom: It works fine and without myc. Have fun ....
  10. Priest overhaul testing

    What about Libila on freedom?
  11. A new use for rock shards

    I like this idea + 1
  12. Horde of the Summoned - House of Kha

    You can see your dead in the eye? Then you are ready for the Horde! Libila are waiting for you!
  13. The Screenshots Thread

    Horde has fun on Affli: