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  1. New price: 07: hatchet, tin - 90 ql - 1 s
  2. New price: 30: snowman, statue - 99ql - 50 c
  3. New price: 29: supreme small barrel, maplewood - 50ql - 2 s
  4. New price: 07: hatchet, tin - 90 ql - 1,5 s 29: supreme small barrel, maplewood - 50ql - 3 s New: 30: snowman, statue - 99ql - 75 c
  5. - 1 Casting spells are short range. Archery are longe range.
  6. Servers down?

    OK, thanks. Server Deli off since 2 hours ?
  7. Servers down?

    No go: Unexpected crash while playing The error was: <null>
  8. Bad idea - Wurm goes more and more worst ? Deeds far away have no chance more - give me back Wurm 2009 please!
  9. This is epic / Affliction and NOT WU! ?
  10. In December, the clan "House of Kha" is 21 years old. A few months later and we are 10 years in worm. epic/Afflicition The deed "House of Kha" is with this day no longer part of the clan. Please contact Allie for recruiting there. freedom/Chaos Only temporary activity. No deed at this time - no recruiting. freedom/Cele Camp C closed with this day freedom/Deli Camp D is currently the only active deed. Currently no recruiting.
  11. I wish wurm year 2009 back, no many bugs and lag and more player - have fun ? More new things are good - more playable are better!
  12. Libila dont need mycellium on freedom! And it need not change many code! OK, my account are broken and i have lost most of my skills because i have enter and left chaos and i am libila-priest. Examples altars and libila-spells on freedom: It works fine and without myc. Have fun ....