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  1. Okay so weird issue, if you click and drag a chat (been using team chat for this) and undock it from the normal chat window and dock it with the event window, the character limit for sending messages is much smaller i had another person test it out and it appears the issue isn't related to just me [17:02:20] Vynfireco next @ xx:32 (Anacrusis), Meyghan, Samthewiki, Eilonwy, IronM, Deman, Karlton, (Toddles), Galaha [17:03:24] Fireriders next @ xx:32 (Anacrusis), Meyghan, Samthewiki, Eilonwy, IronM, Deman, Karlton, (Toddles), Galahael, Vynfireco, Lunadark, Olivette, Sgtskully [17:16:30] <Ironmaiden> [18:03:25] Fireriders next @ xx:32 (Anacrusis), Meyghan, Samthewiki, Eilonwy, IronM, Deman, Karlton,
  2. Small quirk with hover over is the window doesn't display what the rune is and for some reason has a power related to it the weapon uses a steel rune while the pick uses a bronze rune
  3. Got my shields imped, fast and good! Will annoy again for more imps!
  4. Should also note that trying to actually fire arrows into the....test dummy, yea lets go with that will end in the test dummy dead as it doesn't stop the spar before death.
  5. Could you add my deed? cords: 1369, -6255 name: Golden Maple View Also the deed Maple Valley Retreat which is below my deed is gone. Thanks
  6. ah yea, just came back to the game so forgot to get my deed put back on the map xD as for the other question, the deed name came from my old deed on celeb where i lived in a mostly maple forest, the new location has a lot more maples as i cleared out a bunch of trees and replaced them with the much better maples
  7. Still looking for new villagers!
  8. They look wonderful however when it converts from leafed tree to leafless tree the whole model moves back around 1 tile which changes the interaction zone from the old on the stub to the middle of the felled tree, slightly annoying
  9. Was a nice foggy day at my deed awhile back. We also wanted our own personal sun....
  10. We here at Golden Maple View (GMV) are looking for players who either want to learn the game or just want to have some good old fun. I'm Fireriders ingame, i am a carpenter and boat builder and i've been in wurm for quite a long time so i can help you learn the game. We don't have any skill or job requirements. You can leave at any point but if you do please remove your house or give me ownership. The deed currently has: Blacksmith (its very uhhh open air atm) Kitchen (Still needs to be finished) Small on deed farm (with access to a large area for farming off deed) Stables for animals Easy access to: Water, Tar, clay, Moss, Peat and Most ores. Rules: Always respect others. Don't take what isn't yours unless given permission Have fun. Screenshots: (outdated, deed moved slightly to the north)