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  1. This. On launch day in 2006 there were exactly two servers: home (pve) and wild (pvp). Ores were capped at QL50 on home. Everyone spawned at newtown on the home server and you had to swim to the wild server. Either rolf or notch called the home server "tutorial island" and said that "the real game will happen on the wild server." this of course never materialized because they failed from the very beginning to understand that wurm players are about 85% pve vs about 15% pvp. Add to that rolf's brilliant epiphany where he decided over lunch to turn the home pve server into a pvp server in an attempt to force everyone to play his PVP game. That was another failure on his part to understand his playerbase. Nine years later rolf is still chasing after that 15%. Perhaps one day he'll actually focus on pve stuff like bridges and abandon challenge as he should. /rant
  2. In all my years as a software developer I have yet to see an intended bug.
  3. QL70, no enchants 7.5s + COD. Located on Xanadu /t aspergerssyndrome in game
  4. interesting video. how much HD space did it take to store it? Sadly most non-players wouldn't understand the sheer scale of player-undertaken projects in wurm. There were were a few nice tunnels and of course all those roads. I did notice a distinct lack of animals though. Is this because you ran past everything or there wasn't much to avoid? I did see the lava fiend. thanks for sharing!
  5. Wts 20s or 1g

    if you still have the 20s for 20e when you come online i would like to purchase it. I'm guessing your in game name is doe? /t aspergerssyndrome in game. thanks!
  6. WTB: rare pickaxe

    purchased a 90/80/30 ql/woa/coc for 11.2s please close
  7. Data Mining Data

    Sorry i wasn't trying to be rude. I thought McGarnicle answered it quite well. I could have barely restated what he said in better terms. His few sentences pretty much sums up my findings and I'm employing the same strategy to find the best skillgain for a given ore and pickaxe QL. Aim for at least 50% of all mined resources from 1.01 to 39.99 quality. At times i've been able to get it as high as 60% If you are getting too many 1.00 quality resources either switch to a higher QL pick or move to a lower 'difficulty' resource if you are getting too many 40+ quality resources either switch to a lower QL pick or move to a higher 'difficulty' resource That's pretty much all you need to do to maximize skillgain. Again all resource types give exactly the same skillgain ticks holding all other things constant.
  8. Data Mining Data

    22 points of mining in just over 22 days.
  9. 7s. any ql, no enchants needed. /t aspergerssyndrome in game
  10. WTS: rare bone

    Price now set. thanks.