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  1. Ok nvm and sry Didn't notice I was a version behind Works after getting the newest one
  2. Great mod! Now my GMs can each make a permanent deed and players can use the portal between our "spawn deeds"
  3. Yep are using the number from the catseye plant action using it like: bind f "act 176 hover" Binding it works, but makes a lot of errors in console whenever I try to use it, ofc with a catseye activated and hover on tile corner
  4. Hey Been using most of ur mods since I got WU, gotta say, I love them! But there is one thing that makes me sad, cant seem to get action mod to work with "plant" catseye I might be doing something wrong, so if anyone tried that and got it to work, I would be so happy to hear about it, since I got so many "main" highways that GMs are building on my server xD Got backpacks on toolbelt to fast activate a new catseye, but even with using the number from action, it just don't do a thing, it doesnt even say anything in console or anywhere
  5. Supreme dark foresters wool hat - 14ql ( It glows blue when equipped ) Starting Bid: 3s Min. Increments: 50c Sniper Protection: 1hr Buyout: 7s