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  1. Did mail cost for papyrus change? Just paid 1s for 100 papyrus :S 1c each now Was blanks, so no problem
  2. I got the new non-eng chats closed in settings, after every update it resets that setting. Not on relog, only whenever server restart to get update. On Harmony, havent tested any on old cluster Steam client
  3. I got a few toons, around 10 on old servers, 2 are my mains, rest just low lvl alts to mine rock or dig, tried to get a Vyn priest, but nah If a server only allowed 1 toon per player, that server would die fast I think. I know a lot of players that use alts as a way of not burning out on main. Like I changed between my 2 mains, just so I wouldnt get bored of the game to fast
  4. Hey Sounds a bit low tbh :S
  5. Still got the rare kindling?
  6. I came back last month and every time I have been crossing server and/or logging out, I always end up facing North at reconnect. Been there some time it seems :S
  7. This shop is not active atm, as Im playing on new server and dont have prem on main toons right now. Offers that can be paid to new server, might be possible. This is what I got for sale, post will get updated over time. Came back to WO not long ago, so not sure about most prices. So if u see anything u like, give me a fair offer A list of the rare+ mats I buy will come later. Moonmetals: Rares: Supremes: Mixed stuff:
  8. Love this mapgen, using it on my server As many have talked about, adding custom markers would be great Just looked at LordOfAwesomnia's profile, not sure there will be an update " LAST VISITED: October 13, 2018"
  9. Ok nvm and sry Didn't notice I was a version behind Works after getting the newest one
  10. Great mod! Now my GMs can each make a permanent deed and players can use the portal between our "spawn deeds"
  11. Yep are using the number from the catseye plant action using it like: bind f "act 176 hover" Binding it works, but makes a lot of errors in console whenever I try to use it, ofc with a catseye activated and hover on tile corner
  12. Hey Been using most of ur mods since I got WU, gotta say, I love them! But there is one thing that makes me sad, cant seem to get action mod to work with "plant" catseye I might be doing something wrong, so if anyone tried that and got it to work, I would be so happy to hear about it, since I got so many "main" highways that GMs are building on my server xD Got backpacks on toolbelt to fast activate a new catseye, but even with using the number from action, it just don't do a thing, it doesnt even say anything in console or anywhere