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  1. PC Rare Butchering Knife ~ 75 QL No enchantments Rare Ropetool, Oakenwood ~70 QL No enchantments
  2. Zenea will be going, alas i shall not unfortunately! :/ But have fun guys!!!
  3. It is not rare, im auctioning it for a friend and these were the specified amounts
  4. Just as the title says Starting Bid: 4s Increments: 50c Buyout: 10s Buyer picks up from Fort Huntsman Docks, Release
  5. Roninn (along with his alt Etta) and Icbash and Ntxtreme will be there
  6. +1 i want my horses to be comfortable at night when im gone!
  7. AWESOME service with a smile! Even went the extra mile to turn my butchering knife rare! Will definitely come back for more!
  8. Its at Misty Dragon and ill be there to help with carpentry and fine carpentry
  9. Bump! Amazing deed! Nice buildings prebuilt, not to mention that rare stone Vyn altar!
  10. Nice guy with great chain armor! Definitely recommend!
  11. Awesome guy, but dont go leaving on us </3
  12. All still welcome come on down and meet the friendly Smiths in their natural habitat ( just don't tap the glass we get frightened easily)
  13. Can't wait to check it out!