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  1. Happening with Unstable client, never really had any crashing issues before update.
  2. yes, this is horrid. cannot log on at all now, when I could earlier, it was just terrible lag and dc every couple of minutes.

    13s on pickaxe
  4. Star Emerald ql 34.41

  5. [Public Event] Champion Forest Giant`

    I can join too if you need more, 77fs 62 huge axe
  6. Xanadu fixes

    Noooooo... I have slate, iron copper and gold all in my vincinity..
  7. Can we get a little iron, please?

    I have prospects a few veins of iron, live just west of the mountain west of you
  8. WTB 1g - 100 Euro

    WTB 1g for 100 Euro, trusted seller preferably. must accept paypal. Thank you
  9. Sold

    are they mail able?
  10. [Sold] Rare QL95 hammer, 81woa 90coc

  11. Auctioning Black Opal 55ql

    Auction over, please close!
  12. Auctioning Black Opal 55ql

    Just over two hours left!
  13. Auctioning Black Opal 55ql

    Bump, less then a day left!
  14. Auctioning Black Opal 55ql

    Bump! less then 2 days left.
  15. Auctioning Black Opal 55ql

    Wanted to action, one Black Opal. Have noticed these selling lately on here, had this one laying around for quite some time. Auction will last for 3 days. Pick up on Celebration near Misfit market or can COD. Buyer pays COD. Starting Bid: 6s Minimum increments: 50c Buyout: None (will consider offers) Reserve: None