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  1. Deed: Sandy Foothills (1670, 598)
  2. As title states, I'd like to buy a supreme trowel. Low, high quality. Enchants or no enchants. Let me know what you have!
  3. Great idea! Will try to help out whenever I can.
  4. Could I have Niryel added to the RoS list? 100 Faith 92.71 channeling. Thanks
  5. Ragnarok Thanks
  6. Would you take 2s for the rare fine fishing rod?
  7. Happening with Unstable client, never really had any crashing issues before update.
  8. yes, this is horrid. cannot log on at all now, when I could earlier, it was just terrible lag and dc every couple of minutes.
  9. 13s on pickaxe
  10. I can join too if you need more, 77fs 62 huge axe