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  1. Please CoD fruit press, oakenwood, 94 coc, 1 s bucket, birchwood, 54 ql, 86 coc, 80 c cheese drill, oakenwood, 31 ql, 96 coc, 1.5 s to Pagsiu. Thank you
  2. [WTS] Miscellaneous items

    Bump, added new potions.
  3. [WTS] Miscellaneous items

    Seems fine to me. [02:53:53] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thank you.
  4. [WTS] Miscellaneous items

  5. [WTS] Miscellaneous items

    Hi, I'd like to sell the following items: blood, red drake, 100 ql, 0 dmg blood, gob leader, 100 ql, 0 dmg blood, gob leader, 100 ql, 0 dmg blood, blue drake, 100 ql, 5.10 dmg blood, troll king, 100 ql, 7.22 dmg blood, red dragon, 100 ql, 6.16 dmg lump, glimmersteel, 85.3 ql, 0 dmg, 0.32 kg lump, adamantine, 94.4 ql, 0 dmg, 0.67kg white drake hide, 80.5 ql, 0 dmg, 0.08 kg longsword, lead, 86.7 ql, 0 dmg (maze run prize) right basic shoulder pad, iron, 75 ql, 0 dmg ribboned shoulder pad, 25 ql small shoulder pad, cotton, 75 ql Offer me a reasonable price here or via PM or in game (nick: Pagsiu) and I will COD the item(s) to you.
  6. Please COD meditation rug, 5 ql, 83 coc, 80 c sickle, 30 ql, 81 coc, 80 c to Pagsiu. Thanks
  7. Mystery item

    Hmm, very interesting. Could 1% mean there are 99 more tiles to be discovered among servers? I wonder if any other player with premium has this mission in 'mission progress'...
  8. Mystery item

    Enki fixed the code for me (thank you Enki!). I got 2 sleep powders I bet there are more mystery tiles, so keep exploring and post your findings here!
  9. Mystery item

    Yeah, it doesn't work for me. The code probably is incorrect. PS: I have an entry in mission details named "Mystery 01".
  10. Mystery item

    I stepped on a tile in the middle of nowhere while hunting and got this message: Congratulations! You have just stepped on and crushed an invisible wish granting fairy! Unfortunately, we could not save it, but it did ask us to give you this. Please redeem the coupon and enjoy. <here is the code>. Has anyone experienced this pop-up message before? I tried to redeem the coupon, but it says "This key is not valid or it has already been redeemed" (replacing any character in the code returns the same message). I tested the same tile with different alts (prem and non-prem) and didn't get this message, so I guess I was the first one. If not, could the lucky one share what was the mystery item? I'm really curious.
  11. I'd like to buy a dragon scale set. Color doesn't matter (preferably red), 70-90ql. PM me with your offer (ideal price range: +/- 250s). Paying in silvers. Bought one, thank you. Thread can be closed.
  12. SOLD. Please close this thread. Hello. I'd like to sell a white drake hide set. All parts are ~70ql, with no enchants. The set comes without cap. The price I'm asking for is 70s. Face to face trade only. It can be picked up at Blossom, Pristine or delivered to any coastal city on any PvE server. PM me here or in game (nick: Pagsiu) if you would like to make a deal. PS: Signature - You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Aum'.

    Hi, please CoD horse shoe, iron 70ql WOA72 - 40c horse shoe, iron 70ql WOA73 - 40c horse shoe, iron 70ql WOA74 - 45c horse shoe, iron 70ql WOA75 - 45c to Pagsiu. Thanks!
  14. Hi, please CoD saddle, QL93, WoA96 3s50c, to Pagsiu.