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  1. I still pay for my premium with RL money, despite my in-game purse being pretty hefty. That supports the devs, I think.
  2. The launcher installer is broken on X11 (window starting with 1 width). You can resize the window via shortcut (alt+f8 and arrow keys to resize on manjaro iirc) or some other way.
  3. I'm experiencing the same issue. I had to restart my client 5 times, every 15 minutes, during my first treasure hunt on Xanadu. Seems unplayable to me.
  4. As in the title. Shoot me a PM here or in game (Pagsiu) and name your price if you have one for sale. Bought the skin, thread can be closed.
  5. The Quest!

    I'm at the third location as well. I've been scouting this area very thoroughly but found nothing.
  6. Please CoD one plate armour set with great helm, steel 85ql - 6s to Pagsiu. Thanks
  7. [15:13:45] You get an Auld Lang Syne. [15:56:01] You get a Mule Egg. Thank you
  8. Wurmiversary 2018

    Congratulations! I'm very happy that someone finally managed to solve this.
  9. Wurmiversary 2018

    The password is... dragons.
  10. Hey, please CoD (if it's still available) RARE Staff - Steel - Q 90 - NIM 88 (+2 CR) - LT 103 - COC 96 - 8.45 Silver to Pagsiu. Thanks
  11. 1. Supreme Medium Maul, iron, ql 82. Enchants: N94, LT91, CoC83. Price: 15s. SOLD! 2. Rare Medium Metal Shield, iron, ql 70. Enchants: none. Price: 3s. Items will be CoD from Pristine.