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  1. Tried that goat, but get "incoming RMI is disbaled" anything specific i need to enter or just start wurmserverlauncher start=servername Nevermind just needed to be ran as administrator
  2. Anyone figure out if you can have the database hosted on a dedicated sql server other the the SQLlite that the games runs off of by default? Been trying to log into the data base but the port and UN/PW i thought it was does not work.
  3. Looks like its working now. Custom map not loading in game just the old wurm one. need to figure that out next but at least it looks like the custom map is running
  4. Just re-downloaed myself and made a fresh new map with no luck. will try once again though
  5. As Tuanta has said, I am also looking for villagers. Lots of open space with iron/marble and plenty of lumber near by. Also on the edge of the desert so if you want to level your fighting / Cooking / Leather working I have built a guard tower so you can have the guards tank the monsters while you skill up and collect materials.
  6. Was more of a fan of the original series then brotherhood to be honest hah.
  7. edited original post with extra info.
  8. Deed is in the north east. about 10 mins from blossom. Deed size is: 5x5 Upkeep: 1S Grid: y33, x11 Only thing on the deed is the token and trader house. 30Silver
  9. Hi all! The Again here from Mibu's domain. Just putting out an open invitation to any players looking for a village to live! Desert Tower to farm resources from mobs. *EDIT* After heading over to Xanadu for a while and forgetting upkeep on the deed, I have reclaimed this area. However all buildings have decayed, and am now in the process of starting up again. Invitation still stands though. *edit* added some photos to the post
  10. The public mines used to be just down from the clay but I think the entrance's have collapsed on them or the owner of the area has boarded them up
  11. Xanadu Map

    Mibu's Domain located at t-21
  12. And watch out for those Ninja Priests