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  1. Wasn't able to be here for Christmas so I'll take the soft cap for 2 silver. CoD to Rhodes please.
  2. Felt the same way, tired of seeing oaks planted on a tile beside a fence and engulfing said fence. Seems adding a "plant center" in the menu under the normal "plant" would be fairly easy, and if you just click "plant" it could place the tree irregularly like how it does now (for people who want to keep a natural look).
  3. Cydonia Sermons

    Cydonian sermons are being put on hold indefinitely for the time being seeing as a dedicated sermons site has been established (http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/64923-church-of-the-sword-coast-all-faith-sermons-now-open/). Cydonian sermons was just in place for priests that didn't have enough listeners to host their own sermons but that is no longer needed. Thanks.
  4. One of the main problems that I have with the lamp nerf was that deeds without a templar now have to pay for something that was promised to them while Rolf tried to cover this idiotic decision by saying it was a "bug". Now players who like to keep hostile creatures on deed either have to pay for a spirit templar and get rid of their aggro creatures, pay for a spirit templar and make it where he can't attack aggros (paying a silver a month for a lamp refiller), or do it manually. Though I like this idea very much and the idea of a total revert even better I've realized that this probably won't ever get implemented just like he'll probably never revert the lamp nerf because ,in the end, he really only listens to one suggestion or opinion, his own and it doesn't matter to him how much his customers hate or disapprove of it. At best he may make a myriad of new content and updates that seem to make the task or chore easier but really doesn't (karma refilling lamps for instance). It doesn't seem he'll ever revert his decisions once implemented.
  5. I've noticed lately that all the new models for the wooden furnishings (bow and armor rack, huge oil tub, carts which didn't differentiate before but thought they would) all have the same wood color regardless of wood type. Was wondering what people thought of this, personally I like the different wood types having different colors. Just more customization to me.
  6. @ 1:06 Are undersea birch forests also included with this? Amoto quaeramus seria ludo, very nice work.
  7. Very nice work, Cydonia should be classified as a City though, also you can add a mailbox, guard tower, and you could list it as a sermon site
  8. Cydonia on Median Isle now has a mailbox and guard tower.
  9. Cydonia Sermons

    Ohh 8:30 PM to 10:00 PM, sorry for the small time window but our villagers, of course, have to work, that's why I figured the inn would be a good idea to have. Most weekends our villagers are on most of the day but I'm reluctant to put in a time frame as that is not always the case.
  10. Hosting sermons at Cydonia from 8:30pm to 10:00pm EST. We have enough for sermons already but would like to include priests and followers that otherwise couldn't conduct sermons to have a place to do so. Free lodging, food, and water are provided at our inn (The Monastery) that is specifically for priests, there is also a chest in each room for any personal belongings of the occupant, just ask Rhodes for access to the inn and a key and lock for the chest. If you have any questions regarding the sermons please post in this thread so that others with the same or similar questions can see it, otherwise just send me a PM ingame or through the forums. Any priest or follower needing transportation to Cydonia can ask Rhodes for a lift. Hope to see y'all there.
  11. I was talking about on deed lamps
  12. I love how Rolf rarely does updates with content that his customers ask for and wants but is always coming up with new, half cocked ideas that the vast majority dislike and disapprove of. It shows well for Wurm's future. Seriously though with over 75% of the playerbase not liking this update AT ALL you'd think he'd revert it but what does he do? He just makes a new update that makes the old one not sound as bad but is still as bad. Just swallow your pride and ego for just a little bit and listen to your customers, hell you might save some of them. Return lamps to how they're suppose to be, it's what the majority of players want, simple as that.
  13. Wurm needs imping.