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  1. +1, or even have it function off of book quality. Each quality = one more page, or every 5 quality = one more page. Rarity would add more pages as well.
  2. Close.

    Bought. Close please.
  3. Whetstone 100 Q - CoC 93 1.30 Silver Pelt (Mountain Lion 0.4kg) 100 Q - CoC 91 1.30 Silver CoD to Gheen please
  4. WTS Assorted loot

    1s each for the WS and AS potions. CoD to Gheen is that is agreeable
  5. The House of Lords one stop shop-Inde M25

    28ql mallet oak 91coc-1.1s 48ql file 95coc-1.5s CoD to Gheen please
  6. Close please

    Oil of the Armoursmith x2 CoD to Gheen please
  7. Any tiles. Dirt, grass, moss, pavement, steppe. I personally was investigating along a stretch of our highway. So, I was investigating on cobblestone, moss, and grass. It can be done in perimeter, on deed, or off deed. You can even do it on submerged tiles while swimming. The only place I believe that you can't do it is in mines. (Possible rock tiles, but I havent tried). Edit: Just checked. You can also investigate on exposed rock tiles
  8. Archaeology is very similar to foraging and botanizing (at least the collecting of fragments). You will need a trowel and a stone chisel and/or metal brush. You just activate a trowel (at higher skill you can use a shovel for increased difficulty but for now that doesn't matter much), right click a tile (off-deed, on-deed, pavement, dirt, grass, moss, rock.. I believe anywhere except inside mines), and select "Investigate". It will either say "This area looks picked clean." similar to foraging, or you will begin an action timer and start investigating the tile. I generally try to do my archaeology in more abandoned / less developed areas just because I have a better chance of the tiles not being picked clean but you can attempt it anywhere. After the action completes there is a chance that you will find an unidentified fragment and, at higher skill, information about any deeds that were on that land at some point in the past. I generally try to do my archaeology in more abandoned / less developed areas just because I have a better chance of the tiles not being picked clean but you can attempt it anywhere. There is apparently a 1/15 chance to get a special anniversary fragment anytime you find a regular fragment. When you do find one, a green message will show up in your event window that says "[17:35:34] You also find another fragment that looks a bit different." and you will have a fragment in your inventory (in a separate stack from the other fragments you have found) called an "Unidentified special fragment". You can then use your stone chisel and/or metal brush to identify the fragments. Identifying the fragments will slowly remove weight from them (as if you are chiseling away dirt and build-up) and once it reaches the actual weight of the final fragment, it will become identified. For the anniversary fragments, it will be a gift box fragment. Once you find and identify three gift box fragments you can combine them (activate one fragment, right click another) which will create the anniversary gift. You can also set up a keybind for it. If you use the keybind tab under settings, then "Investigate" is under the Action tab, and "Identify" is under the Item tab. Hope this helped.
  9. chisel, 42 ql, 96 coc, 1.5 s CoD to Gheen please (edited: No longer need the shovel but would still like the chisel if available)
  10. Bank Balance

  11. Mayor Circlet

  12. Finality - life's good

    First of all, I would like to welcome Sigared / Arni, Krooser, Moryath, Wulffgrymm, Turtlewolf, Darlak, Tri, and Xakata to the village! as well as welcoming the villages of Bluemoon, Kaj Blood, and Northgard to the alliance! We've all been quite busy around the deed and we have finally rebuilt our bridge to the mainland as a 2-wide and we can officially say that Finality is connected to the highway! (Please clap) The new village plots that I mentioned in my previous comment are filling up quickly and we have also added a new community crafting area and mine tunnel to the area so that everything is within reach! But, even though we are filling up quickly... There is still room! There is always room! (Please join. Shmeric really needs more friends because he just yells at me all day.) If you ever want to join, just have some questions, or just want to chat! Feel free to message Naiani, Shmeric, or Myself Here are a few pictures of our new and improved bridge! +harbor stuff! (Also, you can stop clapping now)