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  1. +1
  2. best enchanted items

    small metal shield, iron 70ql COC87 + rune (description below) - 1s10c (impable) CoD to Gheen please
  3. Could I get 5kg of GM Black? CoD to Gheen, please
  4. I am pleased to welcome Kokoyo, Jatch, Ravenpriest, and Kolbuingen to Finality! Welcome to the family! We've recently completed some deed renovations and opened up 10+ new plots for villagers. So we still have plenty of room for anyone looking for a home! We also have room for players to live in the mine if you're feeling a bit dwarf-y (No one has taken us up on that offer yet so we're just using the space to store our booze) The village farm expansion is complete and ready for veggies! The next order of business is the new and improved bridge to the mainland
  5. I would like to welcome Inkosana, Gravitar, and Hoseph to the village! We still have room for more villagers! Our current projects are knocking down our current 1 lane bridge to the mainland and replacing it with a 2 wide so we can finally hook up to the highway, creating more farmland for villagers, and teraforming a larger / closer area to be used as a village tree farm. So we are, in fact, alive and well! (well being a relative term) Feel free to message Naiani, Shmeric, or myself with any questions you may have!
  6. Glad to see that the armor colors will be coming soon. I have a set of each already made so I will likely update my screenshots then or just start a new thread once the update goes live. Can't wait Slightly off-topic, but I also added a screenshot of a few lamps. Quite excited to have a bit more variety in the lighting department
  7. Unfortunately no. Just tested. It gives no option to paint leather barding. You "can" create the chain armor out of all metal types now and equip your horse with them, not it has no model. It just looks as if it is wearing no barding. Since we can now create barding and plate out of every metal type, I can only hope that the graphics for them will be coming in the future =/
  8. +1 More variety is always an improvement. Flavored vodka, moonshine, and spiced rum are all great suggestions. I would also like to see whisky vs "whiskey" variations similar to beer variations.. i.e. adding corn for bourbon or extra rye for a rye whiskey.
  9. I made a helmet, small metal shield, pickaxe, and huge axe of each metal type this morning (excluding the moon metals) So that the alliance could have a reference point It was raining a bit at the time Brass Bronze Copper Gold Silver Lead Tin Zinc I also tried making a plate set out of each but it seems that they don't have their own colors yet (ever? later?). My wife also dyed a set of regular leather armor red to confirm it was working. We just didn't have much dye on hand to test each color on cloth, leather, and studded but will try to update later Leather - Red Studded - Red Leather - Green (very) Studded - Green (very) Slightly off topic to the original request but I got excited seeing that our lamp variety has increased as well lol Lamps - Imperial Copper, Imperial Silver, Imperial Gold, Hanging Iron We're going to make a few more dyes, but it's getting dark in-game now. So I'll update when we have better lighting for screenshots
  10. +1 Even if its only bronze, brass, copper, and iron. More material variety for statues would be appreciated. I would also like to eventually see statue types for the new stone types
  11. Hello! Could you please add "Neverwinter Wood" It is located at 1667, -6669 Directly north of Neverwinter, bordering the northern highway. Thank you
  12. QL ~50 Exquisite Meditation Rug c95 (160c) COD to Gheen please
  13. fruit press, oakenwood, 94 coc, 1 s COD to Gheen please. Thank you
  14. QL 90 Maul LT86 C86 MS80 N78 + any demise (3.7s) Selfhealer's Demise if available QL 40 Large Shield, Steel c72 (39c) CoD to Gheen