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  1. I had an alliance member suggest that I post this here after seeing my alcohol cellar. I like to use T-arches as support pillars. A big bonus is that you can place copper candelabras inside of them to look like you have nice candle sconces for a good cellar / basement look
  2. They were amazing! Thank you annnnnnnd I'm back for more already Could I also get 2kg each of blood red and midnight black? COD to Gheen. Much appreciated!
  3. Hello there! Could I get 2kg each of: orange red dark orange medium blue COD to Gheen
  4. pelt, BOTD 105: 2s whetstone: BOTD 98: 1s 8c If still available COD to Gheen. Ty
  5. QL~20 Rake blade Steel c101 (1.5s) COD to Gheen if it's still available.
  6. I have collected the lamps from the surface but have not replanted them in the tunnel yet. Was planning on doing so this evening but can put it off if necessary. I can confirm that every lamp that moved to the surface was on the southern wall of an West <--> East running tunnel. The intact tunnel with no missing lamps is a North <--> South running tunnel, no issues there.
  7. -UPDATE- So, the lamps have been discovered on the surface. I have seen animals, carts, even the rogue ship teleport to a mountain top... but as for why a perfectly straight row of secured lamps off of a single side of a highway tunnel decided to take a vacation? That's a new one that seems like a new issue in and of itself So, odd issue here. After the update an hour or so ago, all of the lamps on the right side of our newest tunnel seem to be gone. 39 iron hanging lamps in all. They were still there prior to the update, I have been working in an area adjacent to the tunnel all evening and rode through it several times tonight. Also, no one has entered local, so I highly doubt it is a very specific one-sided lamp vandal who took the time to bash and remove 39 secured and lit hanging iron lamps The lamps in our other tunnel, which is around 12 tiles west of this one, seems to be completely intact. I am just curious to see if anyone can find anything on this and give me a hand. I just finished imping around 150 of these iron lamps a few days ago for use in the tunnel and around the deed and I'd really prefer not to have to do it again so soon lol. Both tunnels are located just inside of the mine (highway runs through it) at Neverwinter R-11, Xanadu. Thank you for any assistance.
  8. +1 A walking cane shouldn't be too difficult a feat now that we have all of these new weapon skins anyway.
  9. +1 Would love for this to have more use than simply looking nice.
  10. Figured I would add a screenshot as visual confirmation. I am spending most of my time these days teraforming, so it was one of the first things I noticed upon logging in this evening lol Even if it is intentional, it seems like quite nerf if the idea was for Magranons +1 teraforming border distance to offset it since it, for me, would come out at teraforming border -6ish +1 for Magranon My mining is currently 94.02 and digging is 95.83. Distance does not change when swapping between pickaxe or shovel, or changing terrain from dirt to rock or any other tile type.