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  1. +1 if we had a 100+ active players per kingdom -- sure cool feature. As things stand -1 because it would only cause division and people swapping kingdoms to get king. Wouldn't really make game any more fun. As long as an active player gets it I'm good doesn't matter who it is.
  2. +1 Seems kinda buggy. Has happened a few times.
  3. Was reading some of the last of the Epic chats ( apparently there was a lot of lag at the time. Found the last few GL-MR posts kind of funny: [02:32:40] <Koreal> or stop hosting wurm on a gameboy [02:32:40] <Eldarian> lol ya either they got kicked or left cause of lag [02:32:36] <Koreal> everyone log off and let me work on fs already Lol @Koreal
  4. Thor I must have mined too deep and crashed the server >.<

    1. Thunderthor


      ha wasnt me how tried tunneling into Rolfs server room ;P

    2. Thunderthor


      ah sorry didnt see I must yea i blame you lol

  5. When I first started playing Wurm I wanted to strike out alone too and I did this. I got a small house and a fenced off area going after dying dozens of times. A nearby village took me in and within the safety of their walls I honed my skills to what they are today. Just like in real life it takes experience to be able to survive in the wild -- to make something out of nothing. If I were to build another place from scratch I could do it with ease because I have the skills. I thought about quitting Wurm (and did) several times when I first got started I'm just glad I came back to it.
  6. Heyaaa! When you get on, don't use ur Mirror just yet, they are a 1 use only item, wait til we find out if they'r craftable ^_^ x

    1. thegrayfox


      KK sounds good thanks!

    2. Synn


      I'm on now, seems to be working

  7. Heya Handsome, whatcha doin?? xxx Lova ya!

    1. thegrayfox


      thanks Im making Synn a statuette thing now lol

    2. Karla


      Aww bless :D xxx

  8. Heya Fox! Love you babe! xxx

  9. Foxy poo! Love ya loads! X

    1. thegrayfox


      Why are your friends not in BTB?!?!?!?!

  10. I interpret the 50% an hour as in an hour of crafting you will get a rare item about 50% of the time otherwise the chance on your first attempt would be exploited