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  1. Thank you very much JARFix did the job! I wasn't even aware my java could be hijacked in this way. thanks again.
  2. Cant seem to get it to work, downloaded latest version today, extracted files to a folder named deedplanner then clicked on deedplanner JAR file, the black console screen flashes up briefly then nothing happens? I am running windows 7 64bit if this helps, and have latest version of Java, there is no data in error log after i have tried to run it. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. Might have to wait until the snow men have melted In Td graveyard for a more somber resting place, I for one offer my masonry skills in the construction a of grave stones if needed? Wolfer let me know once you have visited the Cemetery here on celeb I could meet you.
  4. Isn't there already a Graveyard started at TD? I believe Delone was looking after it, I'm sure he would be happy help. good idea all the same!!