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  1. two exquisite rugs, QL 50ish. Med skill 25 I know about the cooldown 30 minutes and after 5 it goes to 3 hours. BUT I have yet to see more than two Med ticks in a play session... this has been going on for weeks. I have two toons, both love, identical skill. One will get a tick, the other will spend an hour and not get anything. This morning both, 15-20 meditations.. no tick for either and it has been over 12 hours since I mediated. I think I have gone from 24-25 skill in two weeks... ridiculous I am wasting all my SB on useless meditations. Seems all I do is run from rug to rug.. not a great way to play a game... If this is intended this is ###### mechanics
  2. Does it remove one bad trait? and is that within range of a Fo altar? curious because i have two foal's about 4-5 tiles from an altar and last cast they didn't lose any bad traits. Or am i getting something wrong? thanks
  3. exquisite meditation rugs 50 ql - 2s 2 please, send to Taramell
  4. QL ~1 Pickaxe Head, Iron c58 (3.2s)QL ~1 Pickaxe Head, Iron c55 (2.7s) To Taramell please (yes, both)
  5. Thanks. I see only 10 Tomatoes. Is that the going rate?
  6. Paying 3 silver for first delivery COD to Taramell (first time posting, let me know if I did something wrong or am paying way to little...)