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  1. As the title states, i'm looking to sell 250 mine support beams. id like to get what seems to be the "New standard" price for them , 4c each. but i'm willing to negotiate slightly if you intend to by the full 250. i'm also willing to deliver anywhere (including anywhere inland) and to any server Except chaos. my only requirement is that you must buy at least 50 support beams . id prefer to not have to deliver 5 support beams to southern celebration when i live on xanadu if i don't have to . I'd prefer to make contact in-game or here on the forums rather then forum pm. I'm reachable in-game at dedri or derpaderp at U.S.A prime-time pretty much any night of the week (im usually on from 6pm CST to around 10pm CST and most of the day during the weekend) Thank you very much for your time and i hope to be hearing from you soon , safe travels fellow wurmians.
  2. Please close

    Thank you again ryamu for buying the oven. O and thank you niki for the lovely,helpful, and entertaining conversations. Auction is over ill be getting this closed asap
  3. Please close

    Please close thank you
  4. im looking to sell 5k dirt for 4s from j-13 pickup only. can contact me ingame on "dedri" thank you.
  5. PC vyn priest

    looking for a price check on a vyn priest with 1 month prem with 63 faith,43 channeling, 27 HFC,30 ropemaking, and 50farming.
  6. nice, an anvil from the old days! +1
  7. Behemoth's Landing x34,y5 the Shore/coast of y5
  8. im buying a set of 80ql chain and im looking to get it delivered to t22 on indy. im looking to spend 2s on the set . either reply here or pm me on Dedri Order filled Please close
  9. Dedri here, I have 78 digging and fully self sufficient. I can come over in a few hours. Just reply here within three hours of posting this or pm me in game @Dedri after that
  10. I'm looking to quick sale my deed on xanadu on newspring isle at s-8/9(its also on the map) . its named bad boy industries, has 5s left in upkeep and comes with a build medium sized house and about 8 horses. it's 44 by 30 and is a nicely terraformed deed. all im asking is 20s for it so i can get premium for two months. i will take less then 20s but as i said , its a nice spot. either reply to this post asap or pm DEDRI ingame , thank you .
  11. Xanadu Map

    please add " Bad Boy Industries" to http://xanadu-wurm.rhcloud.com/#mark/1232/6509/5
  12. I'm looking to sell 70ql hatchet x2 : 25c each 60ql saw : 25c 70 ql large anvil x1 : 55c 70ql horse shoes x4 : 65c for the set PM DEDRI INGAME OR reply here thank you
  13. closing auction , rhorenn is the winner , thanks everyone