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  1. Sorry i guess my idea's ain't that good, i will keep to myself . I never realized you could AFK mine or fish. last i heard you needed a Macro for that and that gets you banned. My idea was to help ppl not hurt them as it is being pointed out.
  2. I am doing surface mining, I was just wondering if the possiblity in the future if the ability of " level " could be implimenting the same way as we do when we are mining in a cave. It is the samw job just outside the mine ofc. Would NOT take much to add this feature to outside mining. Please post any other suggestions to do with mining and maybe the Dev's will take a look at it.
  3. the game keeps updating server locations, after 7 or 8 attempts . The game disconects me and reconects me. I can't control a boat, everythime i move, i get glicthed back. This is very annoying espicially seein i am paying to play this game when i can't. Any knowledge of when or if this is gonna be fixed
  4. ty quick n friendly service
  5. 68ql - Pickaxe, iron (86woa, 69coc) - 2s to " Shagsdeval " please
  6. sorry thought it was a trowel, i have to withdraw my offer
  7. 6s sorry thought it was a trowel, i have to withdraw my offer