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  1. Eastern Canada here as well got disconected numerous times. Now can not get back in game to log out in a bed. Craziness
  2. Why is it every time something happens.? Shads seems to be around? hmmmm is it juz coincednce? lol
  3. i would say 64 Animals in the Pic Rose
  4. So the new server is crashing like the old server.... LOVELY
  5. my question is, are they willing to do a dam roll back
  6. same issues here, i am in canada. was going home to deed towing two 5 speeds , bet i am gonna lose them hopefully GM's will help This is complete BS, anyone else besides canadians effected by this?
  7. +1 i think this would be great and benifficaly to new and existing mayors
  8. yeah i am getting lagged then DC'ed as well
  9. I don't feel bad, I came back to WURM cause its da BOMB as i stated in previous posts. But not all banned accounts can be researched for the DDOS because even if we were disgruntled over a decission, some of accept it and move on while others plan on how to attempt to destroy something. In the process all they did was help us get a better sever and show all the new players and old players alike how Proffessional the WURM TEAM ARE!!!!!
  10. because not all banned accounts are bad people, just the odd moron, but if you wanna punch a banned player in the face..... come try me
  11. violence will not solve this issue as much as you believe it will. Violence begits Violence
  12. This is exactly why WURM is da Bomb, They keep us well informed, very proffessional and doing whats in the best interest of us ( the players). I read someone stated this was caused for sleep bonus, if that were true..... the attack would have started and stopped withing a few mins...... a hr or so pass.... another attack and so on untill they got Sleep Bonus. This wasn't the case. We got disconected from the server DO TO A DDOS attack. Easier to say someone did it for sleep bonus rather than face the facts there are still moron's out there with no life attacking games. wether it be a disgruntled past employee or banned player. Rolf and his team have made the best out of the situation and is moving us to a new server. So if it takes a few days, I give this WHOLE WURM TEAM a thumbs up. Please keep up the good work guys n gals
  13. If its who has been accused by other players, they made 4k off the game there last few weeks here, they could afford to pay the cpl hundred bucks, It really sucks cause alot of us juz wanna sit back and enjoy the game even when we can not..... Hope Rolf and the devs are having better luck on there end
  14. Contact Shagsdeval in game if not found, can set up a delivery date
  15. waaroku, everyone knows who you are talking about and he was Proxy surfing, not 1 solid ISP. I believe they are trying to solve that issue as well. So if it was him they will figure it out
  16. i ain't complaining just asking questions to know what is expected from this. Game wise. Devs or Rolf can't control moron's
  17. is game stiff frozen to, like gardens and stuff or will that all rot away?
  18. well this really sucks cause i just paid for premium on 2 accounts, Which in turn we all lose out on prem, this really blows
  19. Closed and SOLD for 6.3 sorry
  20. i will take sickle and scythe if they can be mailed to Shagsdeval. thanks