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  1. I am interested in your referral. Please contact me ingame @ shagsdeval thank you
  2. I have recently learnt that i have been hit by Nail Hicks as well. He did a retraction on payment and has set me back $170.28 for 1 Gold in-game currency. I did two transactions back to back and mixed the gold buyer up with the toon buyer. My deepest apologies to the person buying the toon. But needless to say I am still out 1 Gold Coin. Hopefully this gets straightened out.
  3. this toon could be coverted priest if really wanted to or be used on PVP for fighting, they are the reason the specific stats were worked. So no this isn't just a deed builder
  4. Please let me know what you think this toon is worth !! thanks you
  5. i am making planks. on 2 seperate times. i made planks that the proper logs were not in my invertory. I was told i should report it
  6. I have been playing this game for awhile. I have seen some nice improvements, So here we go with another idea and I will would to se if there is gonna be positive or negative feedback on the Idea. Well here it is. In real life even a Weaker individual could lead a Team of 2 Horses and a Cart. So I was thinking that in WURM, we could add that non-premium players could lead a cart with 2 horses. Yes when reading this you are thinking they are getting premium bonus with this , But in all reaity they are not because they can not ride the cart as commander. They just have the ability to haul more weight in the cart and not rage quit . Well wether it positive or negative, lets get some feed back so our dev teams can look at this idea. Retro knows I am posting this. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!
  7. Nw Xan Impalong

    was an awesome time here so far and more to come..... Recently added to Xanadu Impalong was a Rare rowboat at 75 Ql. everyone in attendance will be applicable to win this item minus myself and Shagsangel. I will random roll it at 8 PM my time. I ask that all alts are logged out for 5 mins during draw and thiw will NOT play with the prayer order. Thank You for this and Have fun everyone
  8. Nw Xan Impalong

    I will be there to Imp Black Smithing items as well Chiqa and donating whatever wemp i can grow
  9. I would like to pass on my condolences to Oracles loved ones and friends. He was a great person and will dearly be missed..... RIP my friend
  10. Devil's Peak Imporium Located @ H11 on Xanadu * looking for Black Smithing Items, We either carry it or can make it. Just take a BROWSE and see if you like what we offer. Lanterns Iron Lamps Black Smithing Items Pricing is as follows: Ship Building BULK GOODS You may contact me here or ingame at the same name. Thank You
  11. I just paid 60s for one of these items. Does this mean the WURM team is gonna replace my silver if they are removing it. After 5 years why the sudden removal of the item.
  12. the No Level option was advertised as fixed and yet i can not level. i get thia " [14:12:40] Nahjo would not approve of that." when i try
  13. I see alot of people saying i accept, i deny , your lying still. Honestly it has been a rough patch even for people not involved wether its a scam, mistake or whatever it is called tommorrow. The Dude made an apology which is rarely done on here. As for a second chance thats for him to provide himself, via proving the apology is sincer or not. As players we can only take ones word at face value. I know my deed or alliance will probably never deal with the individual caught doing this but i will not promote a witch hunt at the same time. He has payed his saposed dues, the victim got his money which is good. It will be good when this ordeal is done and over with
  14. Shagsangel and Shagsdeval are on the way
  15. I have an idea on the perimiter issue. If it is becoming such an issue,Why don't the FREE perimiter be taken away and if you want it. THEN DEED it. This would solve all the bickering and fighting because you now have to pay for the whole area to be deeded because even if someone deeds beside you, the option to expand is gone. Personally I would pay for the extra tiles to prevent any further issues. No furhter roles would need to be created and people can't say well its my perimiter.
  16. I am looking to sell the following items: 1. Iron Axe - 85 Ql - 15s Enchants casted are as follows - Nimb 92, LT 70, Coc 92 and MS 95 2. Iron Axe - 8 Ql ( skiller ) - 2s Enchants casted: Coc 85 3. SOLD - Rare Long Sword - 91 Ql - 25s Enchants casted are as follows : Nimb 85 , LT 88, Coc 89 and MS 88 4. Steel Maul - 6s Enchants casted are as follows : Nimb 82, FB 78 and Coc 79 5. Cooked meat - 1k for 2s 4k in stock 6. SOLD - Animal parts - 1k for 1.5s 5k in stock 7. Multiple GEMS as follows: Opal - 712 Ql for 7s 12c Emerald - 580 Ql for 5s 80c Diamond - 628 Ql for 6s 28c Saphire - 469 Ql for 4s 69c Ruby - 1074 Ql for 10s 74c 8. Black Opal x 2 4s each if interested in any of these items. Message me here or ingame @ Shagsdeval. Thank You
  17. i was chopping up 48 trees, the pile did not stop at 10. It continued so i kept going to see if it would cap out. 162 logs is what it stopped at cause i was outta trees to chop. i have a screen shot for proof just don't know how to add it here.