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  1. yes and I have told both parties I did this. I am open and have no need to lie on showing you how to search for an e-mail
  2. Best statement I have seen so far , especially for many that had no part of any convo's
  3. this is recently maybe on the forums Threap but not on voice coms. You were not part of them convo's
  4. Not to pick quam's with anyone and I know this may cause 1 or 2 but You did state to me and the wife that there was no contact with the king of the Condemned on getting these toons back. Therefore a name and shame is hard to go by without contacting them besides through others. I suggest trying an alternate road than this honestly.
  5. J21 Exo is Shagsville Farms And you could put a Mailbox symbol at Shagsville J22
  6. We are now active again. ALL are welcome
  7. Best place to moor is turn in bay at J line, Go to long bridge and moor at light tower. Go up ramp and turn right ( south ). Follow it until you see my tent and turn west down hill where you see everyone
  8. Hard to stick 8 alters in your back pocket and travel sorryy
  9. GREEN DRAGON HATCHLING FOUND BY SHAGSDEVAL > SHIPBRICK > SHAGSANGEL This will be an open Dragon Slaying with Private loot. All are welcome to join in. It will be at M24 on Exo. For easy directions feel free to message me on Monday. Best place to moor is turn in bay at J line, Go to long bridge and moor at light tower. Go up ramp and turn right ( south ). Follow it until you see my tent and turn west down hill where you see everyone
  10. * All were Maplewood logs in a crate to start * Put shafts into a Bsb once crafted * took out 6 Shafts from Bsb * Crafted 60 Arrow Shafts * 50 turned out Maple, 10 turned out Pine * Did all these actions using the Crafting window
  11. I started making Shafts from Maplewood logs. Cut 109 shafts from these logs. Once I started making Arrow shafts from these said Maplewood shafts. Out of the first 6 Maplewood shafts should have been 60 Maplewood arrow shafts but instead I got 50 Maplewood arrow shafts and 10 Pinewood Arrow shafts.
  12. I believe with all the time invested, this is a good price. Time to chase rifts or buy metals, imp it, craft it on one toon. Then prem up a preist to cast it. so if a person buys this. its a good deal with time and effort involved. Good Luck Khellus
  13. We have a blank alter down here for a Sme, ty
  14. No we didn't get one yet. So would be great
  15. Sorry ya hit a dead spot but there is usually someone at the sermon feel free to check it out again
  16. Axe, Iron ..... Nim72, LT 75, Coc 102 for 4s to Shagsdeval ingame please
  17. "LOOKING FOR A SERMON TO JOIN ???? Look no further.... Here at Shagsville Cummunity Church, ALL are welcome. We are located on Exodus @ J22 in game map Some have come and gone already, Meet there required levels and are happy. Discord is now being used for coms. Follow the link to gain access There will be atleast 3 prizes given out. 1 toon per person is applicable for this. All prizes donated by Jimbean from Paradise Harbour located at T8 on Xanadu. 1. Small Sailing Boat named " Sea Serpent " won by Walkinghappy. Happy sailing 2. Small Sailing Boat named " The Mermaid " won by Lotheriel. Happy sailing 3. Gold Chain Armor Set with AOSP won by Limbeck New prize donated by Bjarkejald of Kreimhildr (Exodus) 1. Small Sailing Boat called " Bloodwave "!!!!! WHO WILL BE THE LUCKY WINNER We have implemented a few simple rules do to chaos and mayhem, which we will try to avoid here on out. They are as follows : 1. Names will continue rotation including AFK as to not annoy other preachers. This ensures no one will be fighting. 2. If someone asks to be converted to another follower/ priest, PLEASE wait till after the next sermon and let us know it's done so we can reset timer properly. 3. There will be a 3 minute timer from your aloted slot to do so. If you don't start after this time, the next person on the list will go and you just slide to there spot. NO ONE will be pm'ing you it your turn. SO PLEASE PAY ATTENTION. 4. NO healing yourself or others if you are a listener or preacher do to alignment gains and messes the next sermon up. 5. No switching spots during sermons OR jumping ahead if no one responds. We are open to other suggestions to make this a better place for all priests to skill up. Beds and meals are available Thank you in advance form the Community Church Co-Ordinators.
  18. we could not convert myself or Shagsangel to Nahjo follower either on Oct. 6th Shagsangel and myself have 100 Allignment on Exodus we are both currently Mag followers
  19. I will be there to AID in the slaying of the beast