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  1. Awesome thanks for that guys
  2. Hi guys, Curious what these items are called? i cant seem to find them. Thanks All :)
  3. i think i figured it out.... my game is installed on a NvME drive... however, my mass storage SATA 2tb drive was set to turn off every 20mins by default via windows power settings. my game crashed twice today and everytime i heard the drive reboot the game crashed. i set my mass storage drive to always be on . and im trialling it now. will keep you all posted.
  4. Check this old school photo out back in 2006
  5. have you crashed since changing that setting?
  6. yeah, especially for those people that don't have the confidence in travelling and risking loosing their home location
  7. Hi. I had a thought today. Would it be possible to implement a ship delivery system , kinda like the wagoner that we currently have?
  8. Constant Crashes

    yeah , i have pored tons of time and money into this game and this is what happens
  9. still crashing , 6 times today so far.
  10. Constant Crashes

    Ive had the same issues. mine are more Sporadic tho . been happening for 1 year now . nothing actually gets done tho , just get told to reinstall and update GFX drivers... its sad. i have a 9900K CPU and a GTX 1080 with 32gig ram... so i have no idea how a game like this cant run stable...
  11. yep im done.... i hate to do this but i've had enough... no resolutions ... im quitting this game.... so much time and money spent for this to happen.... minimal support.... shame..
  12. yep , its very consistent for me , im borderline about to quit the game soon due to it. It never used to do it. Same hardware.
  13. When was that update coming out again Samool?
  14. yep i logged on . then about 3 mins after it crashed