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  1. yep im done.... i hate to do this but i've had enough... no resolutions ... im quitting this game.... so much time and money spent for this to happen.... minimal support.... shame..
  2. yep , its very consistent for me , im borderline about to quit the game soon due to it. It never used to do it. Same hardware.
  3. When was that update coming out again Samool?
  4. yep i logged on . then about 3 mins after it crashed
  5. im seriously about to quit the game... so much time and money spent.... i literally cannot play properly as im not sure when it will crash... i once got 1 hour straight without a crash once last week... every 15-20 mins it will crash...
  6. ive posted already at the start of this thread. ive litterealy tried everything that i know of and ppl have told me to do.
  7. is this what's causing crashes?
  8. still crashes... 5 times with the past 2 hours.... i cant do this anymore.. i dont understand what has changed... i never used to do this .... can the DEV's please shed some light?
  9. ok , i have set sound to disable. Lets see how it goes
  10. Here is a few of my JAVA Crash Reports. 11/10/2019 hs_err_pid9896
  11. Im not sure tho, it just randomly does it. I have no warning, no markers to identify when its going to happen. I have no idea, all i know is it never used to do it before, but the last 6 months has been a nightmare..