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  1. i see, i picked mine up out of my wagon, then lit it
  2. Pleas find screenshots below. Could be due to the recent change with glowing status's
  3. Hi Yaga, Please add a boat tunnel to the map, 2 links below are the connections; Cheers.,891,881
  4. Hi Sorry for delay, Please COD to "Fossil" in game. Thanks again
  5. i feel that the devs could put together a massive update just with Merchant content. this is a huge area that could be looked at and improve the game trading even further for the better,
  6. yep 100% , i also mentioned a way to sell Armour as a set instead of individual pieces. that would be awesome.
  7. [13:46:18] <Leeteef> (Del) pc [22:38:57] The young red dragon hits you deadly hard in the chest and damages it. this was in trade channel , i think it got out of its pen
  8. Starting bid: 25s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: NO Buyout: 50s Sniper Protection: YES / 30mins Private Bids: not accepted PICK UP ONLY DELI J-18 [10:07:26] A statue of a large, drooling one-eyed giant. The statue of kyklops has been firmly secured to the ground by Fossil. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Fossil'. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. Ql: 56.091667, Dam: 0.0. [10:07:26] A steel rune of Fo has been attached, so it will reduce decay taken (5%) and reduce damage taken (5%) <<< IMAGE HERE
  9. Servers down?

    servers r down atm