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  1. I don't know the reason for the tax. Maybe to not overcrowd the game with merchants? But since a lot of the markets have reduced number of merchants it doesn't make sense anymore. If anything it will make those markets more livelier, and that's for the better.
  2. iPurse

    It's kinda cool they have individual items for money instead of the gold, silver, copper, iron counters. On the other hand the limit of 100 items may not make sense for some little coins in a satchel. When you can have 100 corn in that same satchel. But that's just trying to make Wurm more RL logic
  3. This is the case indeed. However I think there is also a point to be made for the coin bag. The current functionality with the token is a bit non-intuitive, as you can very well see from other people on this thread. I myself found out about it later, and passed on some good merchant offers because I didn't know about it. The merchant network sounds a bit overcomplicated. I know this was a thing in Mortal Online, where you could see at the broker mechants from other towns or player establishments, but you actually had to be there with the cash. But this means having a broker and I wouldn't want that in Wurm.
  4. I would like to see one or more capes/cloaks that are longer than the master one. At the same time, those should be just as exclusive as the master cape. I know realistically people wore cloaks more often, but I currently like how some things are very exclusive in WO. So I'd like capes to be reserved for players with big achievements, not to be available to everyone. That's just my view. And just so we are clear, I don't have the master cape
  5. If this is a concern then the limit can be smaller there. I also think 5 slots might be already enough if you have a couple valuable rares. How many people have 25 very valuable rares? Doubt it's that many... I seldom used the bank even on Serenity.
  6. Merchants should be for selling stuff not for holding bank lol. Also maybe you could get increased bank space with Loyalty Points. Say +5 with a maximum of 20 slots or something.
  7. Or we can all play on epic and have players be the bandits :). I saw something similar in Valheim with goblin camps. I also vaguely remember from maybe a decade ago that they actually wanted to have things like goblin camps and such, I would love to see those. I know there are occasional rift camps, maybe they can make something similar with trolls and goblins, that players can go and get some nice loot out of.
  8. They should just get in the game. We don't seem to have so many problems there, in the game, as on the forums.
  9. Maybe not make it too fancy, just have slower decay on clothes based on QL of wardrobe. I noticed that there is not much incentive for high ql furniture unless I am missing something.
  10. The only unpleasant situation I can see is having a couple well equipped animals go hungry while you are offline then getting unhitched and wandering off. Maybe they should remain hitched but not count towards the "horsepower".
  11. Maybe Epic could use some advertisement as well. Why don't I see any mention to RvR anywhere? When people are told Epic is PvP they think it's this cruel world where people are waiting in the woods to kill you. While is possible, but it didn't happen to me even when it was more populated. Never saw any same-kingdom fight. It is very unique from many other games in that you can help your realm in many more ways than combat: building defenses, crafting, scouting etc. Why is this never sold? And wiping Epic? Weren't there wipes already and how did it help? People hate starting from scratch in Wurm, come on...
  12. As much as I hate those left-over dirt masterpieces and like the idea of erosion I don't think there will be a solution for them as it can interfere with people's projects. One solution would be to make digging down extreme slopes faster. So people looking to fix the scenery get a boost. It would allso be an easier way to gather dirties.
  13. I also agree with having other stone types for stone benches. People need marble benches for their marble cities
  14. I have a 90+ QL knarr with speed runes, but I mosty use my 88qll caravel for the higher speed. Onlly sometimes if I go inland I would be using the knarr for those areas where the caravel cannot travel. There is no need to nerf the knarr. But I think: The larger ships - caravel, cog, corbita - shoud have bunk beds - for say 4 people. The caravel should be even speedier but as a tradeoff have increased timer for changing sails. The timer can decrease with crew size. The cog should have a much higher capacity, surpassing any other ship maybe. But it should be slower than the caravel, corbita, knarr. It would be the best ship to transport a lot of stuff. Thhe caravel should have a dinghy for reaching the land through shallow waters. It has one in the model. The dinghy doesn't make the caravel an all around vessel - you will just be able to reach land with it for explloring. You won't be able to bring the ship close enough to load big stuff.
  15. Trophies can be the result of better anima specimens. Like venerable creatures or something. It shouldn't be from like every random critter
  16. Epic might be very silent but there are still players there. And some players simply won't pvp anywhere else. While others have already moved to Chaos/new servers. So in the worst possible scenario Epic will become a sort of Golden Valley. But honestly that's nonsense. It's a very unique PvP experience for Wurm with multiple kingdoms and such. More like an RvR sort of game. If it were up to me to make WO2 I would only make an epic like server with a huuuge middle one, and more care-beary rules on the home server. I played PvE on Epic, and I think it can accomodate everyone
  17. Let's not forget the hwy system... Also: I am amazed it still has even that. Apart from the feature I mentioned they did a lot of other mistakes, some iterally game breaking. They did recover from those however and the game got to a point where it was fairly polished. Lots of people quit by then (including myself). They actually confessed they did a lot of mistakes and they are better prepared for the second iteration of the game. The low pop is mostly due to people waiting for the second game as the first will be deprecated. They won't have GPS or anything like that in the second either btw... So that was a keeper.
  18. I play both on Epic (seldom) and on Freedom (since 1 and a half years). I wouldn't like Epic to become an extension of Chaos. The game there has what I think would be the perfect pace to play Wurm. But 2-way transfers of skill... that would be good. I would play more there, because I would know something remains on my character. Even if they give the 3x boost thing back on Freedom. I would still play.
  19. I have a better ideea. Allow us to make our Epic kingdom designs on freedom. This way: We encourage people to play on Epic. Peope from Epic can proudly wear their kingdom colors on Freedom.
  20. If we have study then I want an "imp to 80" action as well, so I don't have to sit around pressing buttons. And a "make 10k bricks" action too.
  21. The game needs to have "game". If it's a minimap you just need to spend time in Wurm to travel. It's the lack of a minimap that makes exploration more challenging. Also think about this: Wurm has large landscape, a compass feature, a map. It has all the tools necessary for a nice sandbox exploration experience. Wouldn't it be a shame if they wouldn't make use of this to make the game more interesting? Look at Mortal Online: no minimap and no map either. It is left to the players to find the places of interest which they can share with others or keep for themselves. This is a feature of that game. A selling point. Sandbox players want that exploration experience, and Wurm has plenty of that to offer. It only needs polished a bit if anything: In addition to making sure the exploration tools work consistently, they could also add something more in depth to the tutorials so that players know what this is about. Optional feature? Why would anyone navigate without a minimap? Just so they can say they do? I don't like brick making so why not make an optional feature to allow to make bricks afk, while keeping the possibility to craft them the clicky way for players who do? Because that's how the game is supposed to be played. You don't like making bricks you either buy, or get better tools/skills to make bricks faster.
  22. Since they eat snowballs can they eat anything now? Also the fact that they eat from crates makes me a bit worried about all those bricks...
  23. I hope we are not going to see holes and spikes throughout the game world right? There's a lot of grazing in Wurm I mean...
  24. There can still be some community event done this year. It's still year 1100 so it still makes sense to celebrate. Maybe give those prizes for participation only, without quizzes, tho. ^__^